A Round-Up of Sport

Catch up on the latest news from the Sports Department 


The Charterhouse U18 basketball team is pictured below following their victory over Box Hill School, 61-52 on 23 November. They then went on to beat them again on the 30 November with a 68-26 win. 

The team has played six fixtures this term with four wins. As you can see from all the smiles, the boys are all delighted to be back playing fixtures following only being able to play one fixture all of last year.

Well done boys! 


On 18 November, Charterhouse faced Dulwich and Trinity in a London schools water polo tournament. In the first game with Trinity, Charterhouse played extremely well but were sadly beaten with a final score of 6-1 with a goal from the Captain Kasim Domac. The second game against Dulwich was a lot more successful however. In the first quarter, Charterhouse finished 4-1 with a goal from Kasim Domac. In the second quarter, Charterhouse almost brought it back, scoring two goals, one through a fantastic penalty by Giuseppe Aprile Borriello and the other by Kasim Domac. However, Dulwich scored one more and the game ended with a score of 5-3.  

The Charterhouse team played in the ESSA qualifiers for nationals and qualified for the national plate semi-final. The first game was against Whitgift and Charterhouse dominated in the first half leading 3-2 with 3 goals being scored by Kasim Domac. However, in the second half, due to some unfortunate fouls, Whitgift managed to score 4 goals and Giuseppe Aprile Borriello scored 1 causing the game to finish 6-4. The second game was also played extremely well by Charterhouse against Trinity. The first half finished 3-0 to Trinity, and the second finished 5-2, with goals being scored by Kasim Domac and Giuseppe Aprile Borriello, compared to their match against trinity 2 weeks prior which finished 7-1, Charterhouse’s performance had greatly improved. The next game was against Queen Mary in which Charterhouse held a clean sheet, with the first quarter finishing 4-0 with goals from Ethan Chaffey, Giuseppe Aprile Borriello and 2 from Kaleb Root. The next quarter was just as well played, finishing 7-0 with goals from Kasim Domac, Jack Tenenbaum and once again Giuseppe Aprile Borriello. The final game was against Churcher's which was played well from both teams. The first half finished well for Charterhouse, with a score of 3-2 to Charterhouse, with goals being scored by Kasim Domac, Kaleb Root and Ethan Chaffey. The second half however, was played really well by Churcher's who ended up catching up, finishing the game 5-5, with goals for Charterhouse being scored by Kasim Domac and Giuseppe Aprile Borriello. Overall Charterhouse vastly improved their performance from the last time they had qualified for the national plate and also since the beginning of this year. 


This term has seen the return of the Boys' House Swimming. Over several weeks, each House put forward a team for the U14, U16 and U19 heats. It was great to see every House competing and the strong crowd of support they brought with them in the balcony. With a slight change in the rules this year, we have every House with swimmers taking part in the finals. The fastest six swimmers from each individual event, along with the fastest six relay teams in each age group will go on to the House Finals which are due to take place in January. With what is expected to be an exciting afternoon of finals, stay tuned to see which Houses come out on top to win the House Cup. 


The Yearlings' Racquets has made a fantastic start with wins over Winchester, Wellington and Harrow with five different boys representing the School in that age group. In addition, the Wellington fixture was the inaugural School Racquets fixture to include Year 9 girls. 


It has been a busy couple of weeks for the 1st Lacrosse team. They have had some very exciting games where it could have gone either way with StCatherine’s, Bramley but unfortunately they scored a late goal to win 5-6. The next match was against Worth and playing a big squad allowed us to trial lots of new positions in preparation for the Invitation tournament. The game against Worth demonstrated how far this team has come this season and the improvement they have all made as individuals as well as a team.  

The invitation tournament saw seven teams battle it out for the new trophy which we have wanted to give out for the last two years. After several cancellations, we had the perfect day to play the tournament. six-a-side with goals getting scored from everywhere and fast bursts of play, meant that it was going to be tough to win the trophy. Strong sides from the Royal School and St Catherine's meant we had to be on best form. It went down to the last couple of matches, which unfortunately our opposition took advantage of a couple of our mistakes. We ended up with a bronze medal which we were happy about. Excellent leadership from our outstanding captain, Annabel Lawson meant the team were well focussed for the whole day.  

Player of the season: Flora Raichura 

Most improved player: Hope Kiernan 

Carthusian Award: Annabel Fox 

Players’ Player: Charlotte Karran-Smith 

Top Goal Scorer: Scarlet Jones 

Inter-House Lacrosse Tournament 

Tuesday 30th November saw all the four girls' Houses compete in a six aside inter-House lacrosse competition. It was delightful to see Northbrook put forward a team to represent their House. This was mainly Year 10, who were new to the game but they improved significantly over the tournament. Sutton came out on top winning all three of their games closely followed by Fletcherites with two wins. Sofia Vishniyak, Iryna Muravska, Camilla Pearce and Felicity Harrison showed outstanding performance which resulted in them being named players of the match. Coach’s MVP’s went to Iryna Muravska, Astrid Riddoch, Lucy Jennings and Lila Mitten. It was a fast and furious game with lots of great goals scored and  was a perfect way to spend Tuesday afternoon. Well done to all the houses for showing competitive House spirit.  

Girls' Football 

The girls have continued their winning ways with some strong performances against Gordon’s and St Catherine’s, Bramley. It was a fast and furious game against Gordon’s which was played on the quick surface of the Astro as it was a late night match under light. With Lucy Jennings in goal, and the pace of Alexa Mukherjee and Maya Bayliss we knew that we would be good on the ball. Excellent chances and a strong second half meant we had the advantage and it was an outstanding performance.  

The next match we played was against St Catherine’s, Bramley at home. The score did not reflect how equal the game was but we started to gel as a team and play a strong game linking defence with attack. Again strong individuals and some outstanding goals which the girls have to be proud of.  

The season will start again next term where we will prepare for our Invitation tournament in March. A great term and well done to all the players and staff involved.  

Player of the season: Alexa Mukherjee 

Most improved player:  Katie Swift 

Carthusian Award: Olivia Bullock 

Players’ Player: Emily Weil 

Top Goal Scorer: Maya Bayliss 


The 1st V notched up two more impressive 3-2 victories, first against Harrow on Thursday 27 November and second against Winchester on Thursday 2 December.  

The 1st V now look forward to an eight-team invitational event at Surrey Sports Park on Sunday 12 December to bring a successful first half of the season to a close. 

The U14 boys also had an enjoyable match against Winchester, coming out 7-1 winners. 

Girls' Hockey 

The final two weeks of November were busy for the hockey players. Fantastic matches were played home and away with all teams notching up good wins in the final few weeks of term. The 1st XI played some of their best hockey yet and showed this with a good win over Gordon’s. The girls also displayed free flowing hockey in an end to end game against Reed’s school. This result was a 3-2 loss but the girls showed great perseverance in coming from behind twice in the match. The 2nd XI have enjoyed a great run into the end of this term earning 3 wins from their last 4 matches. This demonstrates the improvement that this group of girls made throughout the season and as most are First Year Specialists (Year 12), we look forward to seeing how much more progress they can make next year. 

The U15A had a tough run in to the end of the season losing three games in a row. However, it was great to see them earn a win against Downe House to finish the season in style. This team have made great strides this year and considering there are less that 30 girls in the year group it is astounding that they managed to earn a 55% win and draw percentage playing against well established teams from other schools. Next year this group of girls will be able to push themselves even further as they move up to senior hockey. 

The U14A and B teams played some dominant hockey in the latter half of November. They have picked up the formations and tactics well this year in what is, for most, of the players their first year playing 11 a side hockey. The U14A and B earned fantastic wins over Downe House and Lord Wandsworth College respectively and demonstrated fantastic skill in the process. The C and D teams have been great representatives for Charterhouse this Quarter and have played every week. It is a testament to the open-minded approach of the girls that it has been possible to get every girl in the year group out on the pitches playing hockey each week. They haven’t let the weather dampen their spirits and have learned the game well in the process.  

November also saw the first ever mixed Under School hockey session take place at Charterhouse. This was played in the Removes (Year 10) and consisted of various 5 a side matches. All of the pupils got stuck in to what was an enjoyable evening. There was some fantastic skill on display and some strong tackles as well. The success of this evening has planted the seed for mixed hockey to take place more regularly in the future. Even more pleasing was that this idea came from the pupils and was merely facilitated by the hockey department. A sure sign that the move to co-ed has gone as smoothly on the sports pitch as it has in the hashroom.  

Inter-House Hockey  

Fourth Form (Year 9) hockey at Charterhouse has been absolutely amazing this term, but most importantly everybody has been completely committed to improving their game. As a result of this every member of each team has developed their skills, played a team game throughout and supported each other. 

This led to some very intense and evenly contested House matches at the end of term. Everybody competed and everybody gave it their absolute all. The first set of matches were Fourths seven-A-Side.  These matches were very hotly contested. There were many draws along with a few shuffles, Emily Sedgwick and Beatrix Leacock Walsh both showed strong leadership qualities through their motivation and organisation of their teams. 

One of the closest draws was Northbrook against Fletcherites, where Fletcherites scored the drawing goal moments before the whistle sounded. 

Another close match was Sutton verses Chetwynd where Selina Hunter scored the winning goal through a shuffle just before the match ended. Over all the winners of this set of matches was Northbrook. 

The next set of matches was the Yearlings 11 a side. These matches were won by both Sutton and Chetwynd with Northbrook and Fletcherites coming second. In the end it came down to goal difference and Northbrook won. Players of the match for their grit and determination and overall willingness to get involved go to Jessamy Manches, Poppy Everest, Mimi Fowler and Lara Bridge. 

Removes' House Hockey 

This was the first Inter-House hockey for the Underschool this year and for history. It ran over a couple of sessions and started with a six a side tournament where both houses, Chetwynd and Northbrook put in two. The A team match was won by Chetwynd and the B team match was won by Northbrook, so the stakes were really even and the fight for the win was very tense.   

The following week, it was the crucial eleven-a-side match to determine the winners of this new trophy. Everyone took park and it was very exciting. 100% effort by both sides saw it 0-0 going into half time for their House.  Everyone had very quick reations including Sophia V taking the 16s very speedily for Northbrook. The space was utilised very well on the pitch, with the ball being passed out to the wings and down the pitch. Both goalies from Northbrook each played a half for both houses and they were outstanding. After lots of intense hockey playing, Chetwynd got into the D and took a shot. It was a goal but unfortunately it did not count as there had been a foot. This didn’t stop the resilience from both teams. Despite her ankle injury and it being her first hockey match back on sport, Charlotte Luckas managed to dribble past Northbrook’s strong defenders and score the winning goal. This managed to get Chetwynd the victory and a beautiful trophy to be admired in House!   

The final score was 1-0. Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to all of the supporters. It is so lovely to have a fun competitive event like that, with great house spirit from both Houses.   

Under School House Hockey 

On Tuesday 25 November both Year 9 and Year 10 came together to play a fair game of hockey. This was a special occasion, because it was the first time in history where the Under School girls at Charterhouse played a house match together. In addition to that it was also a fun way for both year groups to get to know each other a little better, as they hadn’t had a lot of interactions previously. The event started off with a not all too serious warm up, but soon enough most girls got in to the team spirit and were feisty to win in honour of their house. After the warm up the four houses (Fletcherites, Sutton, Chetwynd and Northbrook) set up their teams and finally the whistle was blown. On pitch A, Chetwynd against Northbrooke, both very strong, entered each other’s D quite a few times and there were even a few shots on goal for the Chetwynd team. After 20 minutes of playing the game eventually ended in an equal 0-0. On pitch B where they had to play a 7 a side, because of the lack in players for Sutton, all the girls also seemed to enjoy themselves. The final score was 1-0, with a beautifully scored goal by the Fletcherites team. The next round was Fletcherites versus Northbrook which ended again in a  0-0 draw.

On the next pitch Sutton against Chetwynd where Clara scored with a great hit from the top of the D. This caused Chetwynd to win with 1-0 and made it even more exciting for Fletcherites and Chetwynd, because whoever won the next round was the one that went home with the trophy. So with an extra additional dedication to win; the girls started their final round of hockey. Even in the cold, windy weather there was lots of running around. You could feel the tension in the air as the final minutes came closer, and it was definitely nice to see both teams come together and pass the ball amongst each other. Eventually Chetwynd got away with two goals, which made them champion of this years tournament. After a lot of cheering and celebrating Mrs Edwards announced the news to all the other teams, and although every house wanted to win there was still a sportive applause from everyone who played. The trophy named after Miss Batty who has been hockey coach for over 15 years was received by the captain of Chetwynd and now it has its own place in their common room. All the girls had an amazing time and are definitely looking forward to keeping this tradition going!   

First Year Specialist House Hockey 

The First Year Specialist tournament playing for the 1971 Hockey cup was an exciting seven-a-side tournament which had many new players to hockey. Hotly contested matches and natural talent on show from the lacrosse players, we knew it was going to be a close tournament. Many matches being divided by the odd goal. Throughout the afternoon, it was evident that everyone was having a good time and after this event, we have already gained many Year 12 girls who want to play hockey next year. In the end the tournament came down to Northbrook and Fletcherites battling it out for the trophy. Northbrook took a 2-0 win against Fletcherites and finished the day with two wins and a draw. This is outstanding for a newly formed house, to have such team cohesion after such a short space of time. Everyone was out to spectate and cheer the girls on. A fantastic event, we look forward to next year.  

Second Year Specialist House Hockey 

This year as we still only have three houses for the Year 13 girls it was a simple round robin format, playing for the 1934 Etceteras Hockey Cup. Fantastic to see girls getting involved from other sports to represent their House in hockey. Chetwynd was the House that was made up of mostly of footballers and lacrosse players. They showed real talent on the hockey pitch and should be proud of their efforts. Some very close matches with a good draw between Chetwyn and Fletcherites. Sutton took the trophy on the day with strong wins against both Houses. Sutton has many talented hockey players, many representing the school at 1st XI. A very enjoyable day and we look forward to the combined House hockey on the last day of school.  


The first fixture this fortnight saw the 15C’s host St Edmunds B team in the midweek. After an end-to-end match with goals coming thick and fast, Charterhouse emerged the victors managing to edge the game 6-5. Later that week the 1st XI faced Shrewsbury in the Hudl league. Charterhouse conceded quickly in the first half, but this did not unsettle them, as they levelled the game with a great strike from outside the box, however Charterhouse eventually fell to a strong Shrewsbury side. 

The following Tuesday saw the 1st XI’s play again. The boys travelled up to Repton where they were unfortunate again to not pick up any points. In what was a fiercely contested and physical game, Charterhouse went behind early due to a good, volleyed goal from Repton and despite the boys’ best efforts they couldn’t produce a reply. 

Saturday 27 November was filled with block fixtures against Winchester College. The seniors and U16 teams played at home whilst all the 15s and 14s squads travelled down to face Winchester away. These block fixtures proved to be extremely successful for Charterhouse with a record of 13 wins, 5 draws and just the 1 loss. The 1st XI showed some good fight in the tough conditions to come from behind and claim a draw, whilst the 15A’s looked very impressive in a 5-0 win having complete control over the game. The 14A’s were dominant as well as they put 6 past Winchester whilst also maintaining a clean sheet.  

Charterhouse will be hoping to use this momentum from an excellent block of fixtures against Winchester to get another set of good results in the final round of matches this season next week against Bradfield, whilst the 1st XI conclude their season with a match against Milfield.