Dressage Success

Dressage Success

Year 12 pupil Issy secured victory at the British Dressage Area Festival Championship.

In her debut at the British Dressage Area Festival Championship, Issy did amazingly well and performed remarkably. Competing for the first time at an Area Festival, Issy clinched direct qualification to the prestigious Winter National Championship as the Winning Under 21 rider.

Accompanying Issy on her journey to success is her equally talented equine partner, Pitingo II. The bond between rider and horse is evident in their performances.

What makes Issy's achievement all the more impressive is the short span of time she's been involved in competitive British Dressage. Having commenced her journey in the summer, her rapid progress highlights her dedication to the sport.

Looking ahead, Issy is set to continue her performance at Addington in the U21 Elementary Silver Championship class in April.