Proud Polo Progress

Mack McCaffery, one of our Year 10 pupils, has had an extremely successful summer playing polo in national youth tournaments

Mack took part in a number of matches all over the country this summer, with particular highlights including winning the Rocksavage Cup and the Langford Plate.

Mack played as part of the Cowdray team, made up of 14 to 17-year olds, who were pleased to take part in the Junior Rocksavage tournament in August, which is an event run by the Hurlingham Polo Association, (HPA) the governing body of polo, who identify the next generation of talent. The team played excellently and scored 34 goals, with only 7 being scored against them. To finish off what was already a brilliant day, the Cowdray team were awarded their prizes by Jeta and Barto Castagnola, two of the best players in the world.

Mack continued to impress when playing for the Cowdray Hunt Pony Club Branch, as he scored 5 out of 6 goals against Beaufort, winning 6-3.

Further successes also included winning The Emsworth Cup, which was one of the many adult tournaments Mack took part in.

Huge congratulations to Mack, and we look forward to hearing about his future polo achievements.