Round-Up of Sport

Round-Up of Sport


Pupil report on Friday Night Lights

The last Friday of term was the night that everyone had been waiting for ‘Friday Night Lights’! The whole School met at the QSC Hub, with music playing, BBQ ready and the excitement of the last matches of the season come to a head. With girls' netball playing Cranleigh and Churcher’s College at 1st team level and the 2nd team playing Churcher's, it was going to be a hard set of matches.

There was huge excitement around the 1st team game in the sports hall, with large numbers coming to watch. We started slowly but by the 3rd quarter it was looking much more positive. With a change in the line up for the team and Emily shooting consistently from all areas of the ‘D’ we pulled it back to 4 goals. Our game plan was working – overload our defence, capitalise on errors won and keep possession. The end score was 20-16 to Cranleigh but we as a young team were fine with that, as it shows where we had come this term. Next we faced Churcher’s after having a match off, whilst Cranleigh and Churcher’s played. We studied their centre passes so we knew what to expect and we were hungry for the win. Again we started slow but our pace picked up and we brought it back level. A fiesty game but we kept our composure. Silly errors meant that we didn’t get the win, but a draw was a good way to finish the season.

I would like to take this time to recognise all the dedication to Netball that our Second Year Specialists (Year 13) have given in the 1st team. Trinity our captain, our leader, our motivator – you have been a rock for this team and the confidence you have developed whilst leading this team is fantastic to see. Poppy and Issy – a great season for you both. You have played some outstanding netball and helped stabilise the team in its early stages. Thank you!!

The 2nd VII team played Churcher’s and it was a very close game. End to end goals and numerous interceptions saw the result which could have gone either way. Consistency was the key for the match and again this team has developed so much in the last ten weeks. Outstanding play from Issy as WA meant that the ball was fed well into the circle and important goals were scored. The end of season was hit by illness, injury and absence for one of the last shows of Legally Blonde, but we showed our depth in the netball programme and had numerous players to call upon. A close match but Churcher’s got the win by 4 goals.

Block against Cranleigh

A Competitive block for the last Saturday of term against Cranleigh. We finished the same way as we started the term, making a U16A team and we had an outstanding game which ended in a draw. The 2nd team beat Cranleigh in a fast and furious game and the might U15E got another win – they have had a great season, only losing their first match to Epsom.

The block was close in many matches, with only having a couple of goals between the two teams in most of the matches. A pleasing end performance considering we were probably down 28 players across all the teams. Special mention goes to Cassia who led her 3rd team as Captain for the match having been on the stage all week in Legally Blonde and was back on again on the Saturday night. It shows a true Carthusian – their dedication to both Drama and Sport doesn’t get in the way. Thank you for being an excellent role model to others in the School and showing everyone that you can do both, if you have the heart and organisation.

Freda Cup for Under School Netball (Cup and Plate)

What a surprise it was a Tuesday when we played this and all season, it has rained on this day. With pretty miserable weather, the girls took to the courts, battling it out for both the cup and plate. Now we have six houses for the girls it is an exciting tournament where all houses play each other. Standard was good across the Removes and Yearlings, it was just a shame that the weather wasn’t on our side. Some close matches which saw Fletcherites (the house that is dominating Under School netball this term) and Northbrook battle it out. Sutton were strong and the new House on the blocks (Duckites) were showing others, how cohesive they were. They had won the Yearlings trophy but Fletcherites had won the Removes. It was tight in the matches but saw Fletcherites win both the Cup and Plate for the first time ever. Well done to all the girls, as the progress they have made this season, is remarkable.

Remove House Netball win for Fletcherites (Year 10)

Results Freda Noble Cup

1st Fletcherites

2nd Northbrook

3rd Sutton

4th Duckites

5th Weekites

6th Chetwynd


Freda Noble Plate

1st Fletcherites

2nd Northbrook went on goal difference +2)

3rd Weekites (went on goal difference +1)

4th Duckites (went on goal difference +4)

5th Chetwynd (went on goal difference –2)

6th Sutton


Friday Night Lights saw the U15 and 1st team play against Notre Dame. A school that we hadn’t played this season and one that we didn’t know much about. A chance for all the Under School to play in this match as it didn’t clash with netball commitments. It has been fantastic to see so many girls wanting to play football and the progress they have made under the instruction of Jack.

Both matches were close and Notre Dame had instrumental players in their midfield. They took the wins, but it gave us the motivation to come back on the Saturday to finish the season in the way we wanted to. The girls did just that, a 6-1 win against Lord Wandsworth College at 1st team level with our Second Year Specialist (Year 13) girls, Captain Benny and Sami scoring in their last ever match. Krissi got a hat trick and a great goal from Eliza as well. Thank you to Benny for all her dedication as captain this year. She has transformed girls' football and really been a great role model for the younger girls to look up to. The future of football is bright at the School and thanks go to all the girls who have played an instrumental role in doing this. Martin has worked hard with the 1st team and they are now a very different team to the one that started in September.

Match report from Benny

Charterhouse v Lord Wandsworth College

The final game of the season ended on an extremely high note, with a 6-1 win. Having previously at the start of the year lost 2-1 to Lord Wandsworth College, it was quite a comeback. The passing, communication and teamwork that went into the match was one of the best to date. Triangular passing patterns, corner crosses and touch goal assists, the team moved and played as one.

Having, Krissi  scoring a hat trick, Eliza, Benedita and Samiha scoring right after. The team nominated Muna as our MVP.

The team has improved in skill drastically throughout the year and have formed a strong group foundation for the next upcoming season. Affirming that football is in great hands.

Benedita,1st Team Captain


Friday 15 March saw the annual Friday Night Lights take place between RGS and Charterhouse in what set out to be an evening of incredible hockey on display.

The evening started off with both the 15A and 14A games. Charterhouse got into an early rhythm and played some attractive hockey to get a 2-0 lead when that was suddenly over turned and the game very quickly became 3-2 in the favour of RGS. The final whistle had gone but Charterhouse had snuck a last minute short corner with a chance to level the game up. The fourth reward was injected and before we knew it was in the back of the net for 3-3 thriller. Well done to both teams.

The 15A game started at an electric pace with RGS taking and early lead an continued to doable it before Charterhouse got a late goal which would not be enough to get them close to RGS on the night.

The 1st XI ended a fantastic season with a 3-3 thriller against a strong RGS side where both teams looked to play some scintillating hockey at times that resulted in a great watch for the spectators. RGS scored with the last play of the match with a 3-3 scoreline. A great spectacle for all and well done to both teams.

That brings what was an exceptional hockey season to an end with some of the best hockey we have seen in Charterhouse colours. We look forward to an exciting 2024/2025 season.

House Hockey Winners

Seniors – Daviesites

Removes – Bodeites

Fourths - Saunderites


The Eton Fives Nationals were hosted at Repton School this year, and the Carthusian squad put on a fine show in Derbyshire. Our week kicked off with the U15 tournaments on Sunday, and with two seeded pairs (Jules and Matteo 3rd seed, Jack and Jan 7th seed) hopes were high. Both pairs successfully navigated the pool stages, although each managed to lose a game to weaker opposition meaning that they would have to win a play-off to make it to the quarter finals.

Jack and Jan drew Shrewsbury Pair 1, which was always going to be a challenge, and were dutifully dumped out of the Cup by the higher seeded pair. They went on a brilliant run after in the Main Plate, eventually losing in the semi-finals to Queen Elizabeth’s Barnet. Jules and Matteo dispatched Queen Elizabeth Barnet’s 1st pair in straight sets in their play-off, setting up a grudge match quarter final with Eton pair 1. We convincingly won the first set, before almost snatching defeat from victory by losing set two and three meaning that it was going to go to five sets if we were going to progress. It was nearly 19:30 when they eventually overhauled a tiring Eton pair, with Jules’ relentless cutting and Matteo’s cut return being particularly impressive towards the end of a long day.

After a late dinner and early night we returned to Repton to take on top seeds, Berkhamsted, in semi-final 1. The match was much closer than the 3-0 scoreline suggest, with set 1 and 3 being lost by only a point or two in the end, but Berkhamsted prevailed, and went on to win their final too. It is worth remembering that Berkhamsted have been playing for 2 more years than the Charterhouse players, and although disappointed, we were thrilled to have run the more experienced pair so close.

Our small Senior Squad travelled up on Tuesday, with Will and Max both on the hunt to escape the pool stages for the first time. With a tricky draw, they made quite hard work of it, eventually progressing as third in their group but needing to win a play-off to make it further in the cup. Almost inevitably we were drawn against local rivals, Cranleigh; two pairs who have played each other numerous times in previous years and have always been difficult to separate on court. The score reached 8-8, 9-9, 10-10 and then, of course, 11-11... Alas, Cranleigh clinched it in the end on sudden death; a real disappointment for Will and Max who have been two fantastic ambassadors for the sport over the last few years. Will deserves a special mention having played in the first pair since being a Fifth; both will be missed at the courts next year as they become Old Carthusians.

Of particular encouragement was that we were able to take five pairs of U14’s to the Novice’s tournament on Thursday (with more pairs in queue at Charterhouse but sadly unable to go). This was our highest turnout in years, and it was brilliant to see three of those pairs make it to the round of 16! Two of the pairs lost at this stage to very strong opposition From QEB and Harrow, but Jack and Ben (Charterhouse 1) made it through setting up a quarter final vs Shrewsbury’s top pair. They put on a spirited show and played some excellent Fives, but sadly bowed out at this stage. Meanwhile, pairs who ended up in the plate earlier in the day quickly improved as players, and Lenny and Jake deserve special praise for coming third in Plate A after a very tough set of pool matches!

Special thanks to Mr Branchflower, Mr Leach, Mr Constable and Mr Knight for their support with Fives this year, particularly for the time they have given up in the last week or so for this tournament.

In Other News

Horse riding

Darcey and her inexperienced horse Mr Darcy, got 2 thirds and a second at U16 level for GB. She wasn’t far away from the current World Number 2 and came in second in the Music Freestyle C.lass. This is an outstanding achievement for her and we look forward to following her progress.

Girls' Football

Mine has been selected to train with Fulham and played a match for them against West Ham this term.

Lucy has been selected for ISFA U14 girls and will play her debut match later this month.


Hope  and Violet are working hard in Winter Nets for both Hampshire and Surrey and we look forward to seeing their represent the School in cricket next term.