Shooting Success

Head of Shooting, Captain Burrell-Taylor, reports on the English Schools Long Range Shooting.

On Saturday 13 November, Charterhouse Shooting Team entered the English Schools Long Range Shooting match held at the Lord Roberts Centre in Bisley. Twelve schools from across England attended the event and all competitors proved that despite the recent Covid restrictions and competition cancellations, no one has forgotten how to shoot!

The competition is 20 shots using small bore .22 rifles at 50 meters onto an electronic target, which marks the score automatically. The pupils were pleased to be out once more and meeting other shooting teams.

The School was represented by Max Gerhardt, George Lake Coghlan, Nick Shutt, Max Sheridan-Oliver, Mark Gorman and Lucas Hinkly.

All members of the team had been able to do this type of shooting before Lockdown, except George Lake Coghlan who acquitted himself very well on his first attempt at small-bore Long Range shooting. The team was ably managed by the Captain Max Gerhardt and the pressure obviously didn’t get to him, as he ran a very smooth operation, in addition to winning the 17 year old ‘Ages’ match, and came second in the competition overall!

The team are currently training new members on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons as well as training for all the shooting competitions next term. Everyone in the Charterhouse Shooting Team has entered the last competition of this year: ‘British Schools Small Bore Rifle Association Winter Open’. The final competition of the year is taking place on Saturday 4 December at the same location, (The Lord Roberts Centre at Bisley), and is the same shooting distance (50 meters) but with 40 shots each to count.

We are looking forward to seeing what the pupils can achieve now they are able to compete once more.