Shooting Teams 'Do the Double'!

Teams win two of the divisions in Section One of the Small-Bore Rifle Association Leagues

Teams pictured in March before lockdown

(Teams pictured above in March before lockdown)

We're thrilled that Charterhouse Shooting Teams (A Team and B Team) managed to win two of the Divisions in Section One of the British Schools Small-Bore Rifle Association Spring Leagues.

Section One, the most difficult, is shot using Olympic standard 10 bull targets and the teams of five pupils, each try to get a highest possible score of 100 on five separate targets under a rigorous time limit (team highest possible score 2500). Late targets are disqualified.

This was a difficult term but we managed to train and select teams and had them shoot all of the required targets before lockdown began.

Under Mr Peter Riddy’s superb coaching:

A Team (James Ingham, Charlie Reay, Nicholas Shutt, Henry Waldern, Alexander Zu-Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn) won Division 2 by 20 points with Charlie Reay gaining the 'Team Top Shot' badge.

B Team (Orlando Everitt, Maximilian Gerhard, Charlie Howard, Aghassi McLellan, Max Sheridan-Oliver) won Division 5 by 8 points, Max Sheridan-Oliver took the 'Team Top Shot' badge (his second in consecutive terms).

Each successful team member will be awarded a 2020 BSSRA Division Winners Badge.

This term, under strict COVID rules and in their bubbles, the teams have been training for the Cadet Council for Rifle Shooting Commonwealth matches. They have obtained some excellent scores in training and we are hopeful we will retain the BSA trophy which we won last year.