Parents' Briefings

Parents' Briefings are annual meetings for parents of Charterhouse pupils.

They serve two purposes: to provide a short lecture-style briefing on matters of concern at a particular stage in your son's or daughter's school career; to give parents an opportunity to meet with teachers to discuss academic progress.

Please let us know if you are attending a briefing by completing the online form using the link below.

Parents' Briefings - Attendance Form


  • Dates and timings are published in advance in the Calendar.
  • If examination forecast grades have been updated since those sent to you on the last end of Quarter Report, the new forecast grades will be sent to you in advance of the Briefing. This applies only for the Fifth Form Parents' Briefing.
  • All Briefings begin in Lecture Theatre.
  • Sheets are provided showing the teachers who teach your son or daughter.
  • After the Briefing (which usually lasts 10-15 minutes) parents have around 2 hours in which to meet with teachers who are seated (by department) in Hall, New Science & Mathematics block and Modern Languages ML9/ML10 block.

  • Pupils also attend the briefings with parents after the initial presentation in LT.

  • Light refreshments are available.
  • There are no appointments or bells but parents are asked to keep conversations to a maximum of 5 minutes.