Counselling for Pupils

There is an extensive pastoral care team to support all pupils at Charterhouse. Counselling is an extra layer of concentrated support – an opportunity for in-depth reflection and discussion that helps pupils gain insight into themselves, their relationships and the wider world. 

The Director of Wellbeing and the Counsellors are based in the Wellbeing Centre, which is in the heart of the School.

Counsellors are part of the "team around the child" and the Senior Counsellor is a member of the School’s Wellbeing and Pastoral committees to ensure a holistic approach to mental health and wellbeing.  

Counselling is not about telling the pupil what to do; rather it is providing the time, space and assistance to help them resolve their own problems. Counselling is about exploring any worries, anxieties, problems or feelings that may be interfering in pupil’s personal or academic life. These issues may be in the here and now or in the past.

When consent is obtained, the counsellors work with the Hunt Health Centre, Head of Houses and Pastoral Assistants, amongst others, to help the pupil as much as possible.