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Awards & Distinctions

Throughout the Quarter, the Headmaster awards prizes to pupils who have been given a Distinction by a teacher for an outstanding piece of work.

The Greyhound Awards and other special named prizes are awarded to pupils at the end of each Quarter for their contribution and achievements.

Distinctions can be awarded for a single piece of work that is of a standard that could be published on the website and something that goes beyond the standard that would be anticipated by a pupil of that age.

Distinctions awarded in CQ18


Teacher's comments

David Campbell David was doing a lot of extra-curricular reading and exerting a lot of effort on the Corpus Christi Essay Competition at the end of last term. He produced a very impressive essay on, "To what extent is democracy either a requirement for or a result of economic development?".
Samuel Troy An independent and thoroughly researched exploration of sophisticated ideas relating to the Senecan influence on 'Hamlet'.
Fredric Clinton Fantastic end of text essay on 'Hamlet', demonstrating clarity of thought and a secure grasp of ideas permeating the whole play.

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