Careers Guidance

To provide a coherent programme of Careers Education, information and guidance to ensure that pupils have a realistic appraisal of self and opportunities and the knowledge and skills to put plans and decisions into action.

 The Charterhouse Higher Education and Careers Department

Careers education and guidance at Charterhouse begins in the Fourth Form with an introduction to the Careers Library and its resources, including a workshop exploring Fast Tomato, a web-based interactive resource designed to introduce teenagers to career options and how their academic and personal skills may lead to opportunities for study and employment in the future.

All Removes attend Career Taster Workshops. These are presented by professional consultants from Inside Knowledge and enable pupils to find out about a number of careers options and attend a workshop on essential skills including negotiation, presentation and communication skills.

Charterhouse is an 'All In' member school of Inspiring Futures (formerly ISCO) and as a result, all Fifth Form pupils are automatically registered and sit the Morrisby Tests in September. Inspiring Futures Organisation also provides ‘Futurewise’, which is an online support system for all pupils.

After their GCSE exams pupils are encouraged to attain some work experience and attendance at career experience courses, run by Futurewise, is encouraged. Careers talks on a variety of subjects are organised for pupils throughout the year and pupils are encouraged to consider career options as they prepare their university applications. Handouts on career paths and building an attractive CV are provided below:



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