Bespoke Giftware

Coat of Arms Coasters

£16.00   CH1523 (set of 4)
£4.00   CH901222 (single coaster)

Heat-resistant melamine coasters with Charterhouse coat of arms (10cm x 10cm).

Charterhouse Tableware - Coasters

£27.50   CH901227

Beautiful hand crafted tableware featuring scenes around Charterhouse. Includes etching of the chapel by Wallace Hester and images by Edward Burrow from the Charterhouse Portfolio. All sets are boxed. Set of 6 Coasters (110cm x 90cm).

Mug Full of History

£19.00  CH901102

Bone china mug made in the UK, with a quirky take on Charterhouse and its 12 Houses! Gift Boxed. Available to order from

Charterhouse Picture Mug

£12.99 CH901224

Pretty bone china mug to treasure, with line illustration of the School, gold trim and Charterhouse back stamp (10cm height).

Crested Mug With Gold Trim

£13.50 CH901285

Matching the picture mug, a bone china mug with the full colour Charterhouse coat of arms, with gold trim and Charterhouse backstamp (10cm height).

Crested Photograph Frame

£14.99 CH1640  (6 x 8 inches)
£18.99  CH1641  (8 x 10 inches)

Stainless steel picture frame in two sizes with Charterhouse crest at the bottom. Comes gift boxed.

Decorative Shield

£47.00 CH1685

Wall plaque with the Charterhouse coat of arms, mounted on varnished wood (15cm x 16.5cm).

Silver Trinket Box

£32.00 CH5474

Silver-plated box with etched Charterhouse crest on the lid. Blue velvet lining inside. Comes gift boxed.

Old Carthusian Umbrella

£35.00 CH1701 (Plus protective tube at £4.50)

Smart classic golfing umbrella with navy/pink/maroon panels and straight beechwood handle. (Length 76cm).

Carthusian Crested Umbrella

£42.00 CH1203 (Plus protective tube at £4.50)

Smart classic golfing umbrella with navy/pink panels and straight beechwood handle, the crest is printed on one panel only. (Length 76cm).

Carthusian Telescopic Crested Umbrella

£28.00 CH1489 (PINK) / 90 (WHITE)

Smart classic fold-up umbrella with either pink or white detail and crest on four panels.