Weekend Leave & Exeat Notes


The weekend policy allows pupils to go home on Saturday afternoon only after their School (sport/activity) commitments have been fulfilled, and to return on Sunday - provided that the following conditions are strictly observed:

  • Parents must submit the Leave Information Form online to the Head of House by 12 noon on the Friday before the weekend in question. (The online form is available here.) 

  • No pupil may leave School on Saturday until all their commitments have been fulfilled. In general, this will be at 4.00 pm but may alter depending on the location and timing of School sports fixtures. Requests to begin the weekend leave earlier than this will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and never on a regular basis.

  •  Fourth Form, Remove and Fifth Form pupils must return on Sunday Evening by 8.30pm

  • Specialist pupils must return on Sunday evening by 9pm.

  • Pupils must travel back to School by an approved means of transport.

  • Parents must expect to collect their children from School or arrange an alternative means of transport whether public (but generally not for boys or girls in the Under School) or with other parents.

  • If pupils are not going to be at their own home (which is preferable) parents must be clear that other parents are taking full responsibility. Parents must themselves check directly with those parents before submitting a request to the Head of House.

  • The School will only permit a pupil to go on Weekend Leave where the arrangements comply with all the regulations regarding parental permissions and do not represent a safeguarding concern.

Half Term Exeats & Leave Weekends

  • The School does not consider that hotel or bed and breakfast accommodation constitutes appropriate care for any pupil.

  • All parents of boarding pupils are required to complete the online form.

  • For our sponsored pupils, It is a legal requirement for the School to know precisely where a pupil will be staying and the travel arrangements.

  • If a pupil is not going to be with their own parents, it is nevertheless parents’ responsibility to ensure that adequate, safe and secure arrangements are in place for their child’s supervision before submitting a Leave Information Form. Parents should ensure that travel arrangements do not require their son or daughter to miss School.  We are aware that flight times can make this difficult, but the School publishes key term dates well in advance.