Term Dates


Tuesday 4 September to Saturday 8 December

Arrival times for beginning of Quarter

 Fourth Form pupils to arrive on Monday 3 September at 5.30 pm

New First Year Specialists to arrive on Tuesday 4 September at 09.30 am or 10.00 am (please refer to schedule of arrival times for new pupils - sent to parents in advance)

Returning First Year Specialists to arrive on Tuesday 4 September at 5.00 pm

Second Year Specialists to arrive on Tuesday 4 September at 9.15 pm

Remove and Fifth Form pupils to arrive on Tuesday 4 September at 8.30 pm

Departure times for end of Quarter

All pupils depart after 11.35 am

Leave Weekends  

Friday 28 September to Sunday 30 September and
Friday 16 November to Sunday 18 November

Departure and return times

Specialists depart after 12.00 noon, return at 9.15 pm
Under School depart after 12.45 pm,
return at 8.30 pm

Activities Weekend

Saturday 6 October to Sunday 7 October


Saturday 13 October to Sunday 28 October

Departure and return times

 All pupils depart after 10.40 am
Under School return at 8.30 pm
Specialists return at 9.15 pm



Tuesday 8 January to Saturday 30 March

Leave Weekends
Friday 25 January to Sunday 27 January and 
Friday 15 March to Sunday 17 March
Queen’s Exeat
Saturday 16 February to Sunday 24 February
Activities Weekend  
Saturday 9 March and Sunday 10 March


Tuesday 23 April to Saturday 29 June

Leave Weekend
Saturday 4 May to Monday 6 May
Saturday 25 May to Sunday 2 June

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