Clubs & Societies

Charterhouse boasts an extraordinary array of Clubs and Societies for pupils to be involved in. The variety of challenging activities provided is an essential part of the School’s inclusive educational philosophy.

Clubs and Societies

Pupil-led Societies

Amnesty International 
Analogue Photography Society 
Architecture Society
Art Appreciation Society 
Art History Society 
Art Scholars Society
Artifex Team 
Astronomical Society
Beerbohm/Drawing Society
Bloomsbury Group *
Charities Committee 
Charterhouse Exports Group 
Charterhouse Farm  
Chess Society  
Christian Union 
Classics Society 
Coding Society 
Cooking Society 
Creative Writing Society 
Debating Society 
Dissection Society 
Drone Society
Dungeons and Dragons 
Economics Society 
Experimental Film Society

*Sixth Form only

Pupil-led Societies

Investigative Journalism 
Italian Society *
Junior French Society 
Junior German Society
Junior History Society 
Junior Spanish Society 
Law Society
Linguistics Society *
Literary Society
Mechanics Society
Medical Society  
Music Production Society 
Oriental Cooking Society * 
Perception Society 
Polunin Society 
Remote Control Society 
Scottish Dancing *
Senior French Society *
Senior German Society
STEM Society 
Total War Society
Two and a Half Million Years of Inventions


Teacher-led Societies 

Chamber Choir
Chamber Music Society
Chapel Choir 
Motor Club 
String Orchestra
The Baking Project
Groundlings' Theatre Group 

Music Ensembles

Brass Ensemble
Burczyk Singers
Captain of Belfry
Chamber Choir
Chamber Music Society
Chapel Choir 
Concert Band
Concert Choir 
String Orcherstra
Wind Music Society
Jazz Band