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Los Angeles

The Pre-U pupils went to Los Angeles to visit the Getty Centre, Los Angeles County museum of Art, the Broad and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The pupils and teachers also took the opportunity to sketch and capture the amazing changes in light as well as observe the cinematic and literary connections within an often shifting post-modern media landscape. The pupils went armed with the titles: Facade, Hyper-real, Superficial, Polarities, Decadence, Escapism, Dystopia, Illusion, Paradise, Staged, Glamour, Noir, Light and Dark, Aspiration and Dream.

The soundtrack used (in order):

California Dreaming - Mamas and Papas
The Beast - Angelo Badalametia (from David Lynch's Mulholland Drive) 
Mulholland Drive - Angelo Badalametia (from David Lynch's Mulholland Drive) 
Los Angeles - Blink 181
The Watcher - Dr Dre
California King Bed - Rianna 

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