Creativity, Action and Service (CAS)

In order to ensure that all Carthusians follow a balanced and purposeful co-curricular programme in the Sixth Form, all Specialists will be required to complete a minimum of approximately fifty hours of participation in each of the following areas:


The Arts (such as Art, Music and Drama) and any other activity which involves creative thinking or expression, such as making a video, photography, contributing to periodicals, cooking, house décor, Lack of Talent, performing in Club etc.


Physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle. There is a huge range of sports available at Charterhouse, but Action does not mean just sport: it can include activities such as hill-walking or cycling or environmental projects which are physically demanding.


Unpaid and voluntary activity to benefit another individual, a group or community. Some excellent service projects are already in place at Charterhouse, such as teaching in primary schools, visits to the elderly, working at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, instructing younger cadets in the CCF, acting as House or School Monitors, peer mentoring, volunteering as part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, producing charity concerts…etc.

Specialists are encouraged to come up with their own ideas for CAS activities.

One CAS activity should be a Project, which will involve two or all three elements of CAS (for example, football coaching involves both Action and Service) and collaboration with at least one other person.


Fifty hours represents about an hour a week between September of the first year and March of the second. Time spent on CAS activities in the holidays also counts towards fulfilling the commitment required.

Planning and Reflection

By the end of two years, Specialists will be able to provide evidence that they have increased their awareness of their own strengths and areas for growth; undertaken new challenges; planned and initiated activities; worked collaboratively with others; shown perseverance and commitment in their activities; engaged with issues of global importance; considered the ethical implications of their actions; and developed new skills.

However, CAS is not just about participating in various activities. Specialists will be required to reflect on their experiences and to make full use of their co-curricular activities as opportunities for learning. So, with the guidance of their tutor, Specialists will plan their CAS activities and at intervals think about the progress they are making. That thinking will inform the rest of the activity. Planning and reflection will be recorded.  CAS activities may form part of a pupil’s commitments in completing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award.

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