Sports Performance Programme

The Sports Performance Programme (SPP) was launched in September 2016. It aims to support and develop sports scholars and performance athletes within the School, from 13+ up to 1st XI level and beyond. 

Talented individual athletes are invited to join the programme whilst sport scholars are automatically enrolled. The programme is the first insight many of our athletes will have into a performance sport environment. 

Enjoying access to top level facilities and an excellent mentoring scheme that seeks to maintain the academic work / sport balance, our selected pupils will be able to enjoy sport and their school career at the same time. 

As a member of the SPP, all athletes are eligible to receive the following where applicable:


  • First class coaching in specific sports from a range of qualified coaches and staff
  • Team and individual performance analysis.

Strength and Conditioning

  • Strength & conditioning (S&C) training and programme delivery by qualified S&C coaches
  • Sports specific and team athletic development training sessions.

Athlete Lifestyle Support

  • Sport psychology support
  • Sports nutrition advice
  • 1-1 sports mentoring by a designated member of the Sports Department
  • Seminars and workshops delivered by top quality coaches and athletes from the world of sport
  • ‘Captains' Table’ – all 1st team / school sports captains meet with the Director of Sport to discuss school sport and how the student body can help to develop and improve the sporting offer.