Dr Tasos Aidonis


Bodeites is a House made up of many talents. The pupils pride themselves on taking part and trying their best in everything they do. The sense of House spirit created by this is strong and ensures that everyone feels supported and encouraged in all aspects of school life.

Dr Tasos Aidonis

You are joining a very special community of like-minded people. In Bodeites we very strongly believe that engaging with the truth builds trust and, ultimately, this helps us all overcome our individual challenges and develop a love of community as well as a genuine affection for one another. 

Bodeites is a happy House where pupils from different year groups operate effectively side by side. Pupils are encouraged to work hard but also get involved in many of the activities around the School.

The House has a tradition of success in many areas including swimming, athletics, cross country, cricket, fencing, music and the arts. Having pupils with different aptitudes means that they get the opportunity to see talents different to their own and appreciate those around them.

Dr A Aidonis, MA, PhD

Tasos Aidonis graduated from the University of Ioannina (Greece) in 1992 before going on to study for a PhD in Classics at Glasgow, and subsequently – having decided on a career in teaching – a PGCE.  He taught at Lancaster Royal Grammar School and at Fettes College in Edinburgh, where he became Head of Classics, before joining Charterhouse in 2010 as Head of Classics.

Tasos took up the post of Housemaster of Bodeites in September 2016 having previously been the Assistant Housemaster. He also teaches Classics and is Master of the Scholars.

Tasos has a wealth of boarding experience at other schools too, having been a resident tutor in the Junior House at RGS Lancaster before taking over an annexe of Fifth formers as their Warden for four years, and assistant Housemaster at Fettes for another five years, tutoring boarders in both the girls’ and boys’ Houses. He has also been involved in a wide range of school activities: he has been an officer in the CCF; coached rowing, hockey, football and athletics; directed plays and run a number of popular clubs, ranging from photography to politics. Outside school, he is interested in Renaissance History and Art, in which he completed a third degree in 2008 with the Open University. Other interests include theatre and drama, astronomy, hiking and Rugby League.

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