Mrs Michelle Creer


It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself as the Head of Chetwynd.

Mrs Michele Creer

I have seen many families and girls arrive on a sunny September morning nervous and uncertain, unsure of what to expect. I have then shaken hands, years later, with exceptional, well-grounded, insightful and dynamic young women as they leave for new adventures and embark on the next phase of life, whatever and wherever it may be! Along the way there have been numerous highlights and experiences that have made life rich and varied, and have underscored to me why I chose pastoral work, and teaching, as my career pathway.

In addition to being Head of Chetwynd, I also teach English as well as having a passion for drama and performance. I also believe passionately in coeducation and in an immersive education. I would always advocate trying out new things; exploiting known (and possibly hidden) talents. Any new start is always something of a challenge, but through challenge we learn and grow. This is an exciting opportunity – to take a building familiar to many, but within it found a new House together and establish the environment we all want. You will always find me there as a support, encouraging, and sometimes nudging the girls on, to do their very best.

Mrs Michelle Creer, BA

Michelle joined Charterhouse in 2019 as the Head of Chetwynd after 10 years at Lancing College, where she taught English and was a Housemistress.

After completing her BA in English Literature from Swansea University and before her current role, Michelle also taught at a number of schools: Cheam High School, Woking High School and St Catherine's School, Bramley.

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