Mr James Hazeldine

Girdlestoneites (known as Duckites) are tremendously busy pupils in all areas of school life, and this gives the House a distinctive spirit of energy and endeavour.

Mr James Hazeldine

Duckites are typically enthusiastic and hard-working, and seize the many opportunities afforded them by life in such a prestigious and successful boarding house. The House is an inclusive and cosmopolitan environment, with a strong corporate identity.

I am keen to foster a diverse and tolerant community for whom the idea of education extends beyond the classroom and into the normal pattern of their daily lives. One of our cardinal aims is to promote a culture of self-motivated intellectual enquiry and critical debate, where due respect is given to academic excellence.

All Duckites are also expected to contribute to the cultural richness of the House. Scholarly endeavour is, however, regarded as a complement, rather than an alternative, to full participation in co-curricular activities. The House has recently enjoyed a strong reputation in football, hockey, cross-country-running, art, chess, and music.

Learning to live with others is the most exciting part of starting out in boarding. Through a varied and interesting range of activities you will get to know your housemates quickly and form life long friendships. 

Mr James Hazeldine, BA

Mr Hazeldine studied Economics and Politics at the University of Sheffield. He then went on to the University of London to study for a PGCE in Economics.  He moved to Charterhouse in 2000 having worked at St George’s College, Weybridge and Ashville College in Harrogate. As well as teaching Micro Economics, Mr Hazeldine has held many posts over his years at Charterhouse including Head of Careers and eight years as Head of Bodeites.

Girdlestoneites House Colour