Girls' Halls of Residence

Charterhouse warmly welcomes girls into its mixed Sixth Form. Whilst academic work is the priority, all pupils are encouraged to broaden and to enrich their education by participating in a wide range of diverse and exciting extra-curricular activities. In Charterhouse’s safe and friendly environment girls learn to become more self-directed, to balance work and leisure pursuits effectively and develop the confidence to take risks and to embrace challenge. Leavers are perfectly poised to face the rigours of university life with intellectual curiosity, enthusiasm and assurance.

Boarding Accomodation:

Girls are fully integrated and valued members of the twelve Houses, and benefit from working alongside and sharing responsibilities with the boys. Girls have studies in their Houses and following evening ‘banco’ (homework), they return to their halls of residence: Chetwynd, or the three neighbouring halls, Northridge, Stainers and Long Meadow. These separate halls of residence not only provide excellent boarding facilities, but also a dedicated space within which girls are able to rapidly establish friendships across the Houses.

In Chetwynd there are 70 spacious study bedrooms each with en-suite shower and wc. There are six butteries where girls are able to prepare their own breakfasts and snacks. Lunch and 'homebill' (the evening meal) are taken in the House dining room with the boys.  The butteries are equipped with microwave oven, fridge, dishwasher, toaster, cooker with hot plates and individual food lockers.

Pastoral Care:

Whilst the Housemasters have overall responsibility for the academic and pastoral welfare of every upper school pupil, each girl also has an academic tutor and a network of pastoral care including the Assistant Head (Pastoral), House Matron, staff in the halls of residence, the School Medical Officer and nurses, and the School Counsellors.

Assistant Head (Pastoral) 

Miss AJA Hawkins, BA

Following a degree in Geography from the University of Birmingham, Miss Hawkins worked for two years as a marketing strategist in the City. She qualified as a teacher from University College Dublin and taught at Wesley College in the city. Since returning to the UK, she has taught at Ardingly College for eight years and has extensive IB and A-Level experience. Miss Hawkins has previously worked as a Housemistress and Head of Middle School, she has run several expeditions to The Gambia and ski race trips. Miss Hawkins arrives at Charterhouse in September 2015 as Assistant Head (Pastoral).

Statement from the Assistant Head (Pastoral)

As the Assistant Head (Pastoral) I have a pastoral role, engaging with girls on a personal level and offering guidance and support - from their transition into Charterhouse from their previous schools, right through to their preparation for university life. During their time at Charterhouse, I want both girls and boys to develop the confidence to take opportunities to lead and the kindness to support others, as well as an awareness of their own unique gifts and talents.

 Annabel Hawkins

Within Charterhouse’s strong boarding community lies an impressive network of tailored one-to-one pastoral support, which enables individual strengths to be fostered and developed, talents to be nutured and academic success achieved.  I work closely with the team of Housemasters, matrons and wardens and to continue to develop to this 360 degree pastoral support for each girl within the School. 

Pastoral care at Charterhouse is forward-looking and continues to evolve. In a rapidly changing social and technological environment we have to remain light-footed so that we are in a position to respond to and support girls and boys with the as yet unknown challenges that they will meet as they approach adulthood. As we cannot and should not provide them with the answers to every question they will face, we instead aim to equip them with the knowledge and confidence they will need to make the right, well-informed decisions for themselves. 

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