Reach Out

What is Reach Out?

We believe the most important thing adults can do is enable children and young people to lead safe and fulfilling lives. At School, we aim to provide the knowledge, understanding, strategies and skills for pupils to make their own, informed and balanced decisions at Charterhouse and in the world beyond.

Our REACH OUT programme provides all pupils with a safe forum for discussion and a place to access information – such as an understanding of the importance of caring about themselves and how to develop and sustain healthy relationships, positive mental health strategies, an awareness of illegal or addictive substances, knowing what to look for in a university, and a whole range of topics in between.

The programme falls broadly under three themes: Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World. It is a spiral curriculum, structured to ensure that topics are addressed and revisited at age-appropriate moments, so that pupils may build upon their prior learning and understanding. You can see further details of the outline programme below and we adapt this in response to needs throughout each year: 

Reach Out Programme

Sessions usually take place on Monday afternoons and include discussions, small group workshops and assemblies led by Tutors or Heads of Year. Regular lectures with external specialists also help pupils set these ideas within a wider context.

The guiding principles behind Reach Out are embedded within the School’s Values and so are reflected and reinforced throughout all aspects of School life. You can read more about the approach we take in sessions below.

Safe and appropriate approach to PSHE

Reach Out extends to parents and guardians too, with workshops and webinars throughout the year, from advice on supporting good mental and physical health, to minimising anxiety during public examinations, information on effective study skills and higher education applications. We encourage parents and guardians to contact Housemasters and Housemistresses, our Hunt Health Centre and Well-being Counselling Team for advice and support. If any of the Reach Out topics causes you or your child worries or concerns, please contact their tutor or Housemaster or Housemistress in the first instance.

Further Information

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Contact Us

For more information on Reach Out or to discuss our PSHE Policy, please contact Louise Wilson, Deputy Head (Pupils & Community) E: 

Useful Links

Here are links to helpful national UK websites on the main topics covered. These are suitable for parents, guardians, pupils and staff. In addition, pupils and staff have access to resources on the pastoral area of the School’s intranet.

Intimate, Romantic and Sexual Relationships

Online Safety

Healthy lifestyle:



Mental Health 

Sexual health

Family relationships and friendships

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Moral Courage