Community & Partnerships

For Carthusians, and indeed for staff and members of our wider school family, our Community & Partnerships Programme is a key element of our communal life.

Our School was founded by a philanthropist and shares his personal motto – ‘Deo Dante Dedi’, meaning ‘God having given, I gave’. Implicit within that motto, and within life at Charterhouse some four hundred years later, is a sense of service and charity, as well as a fundamental Christian message which is similarly at the heart of modern Charterhouse life.

There are multiple elements to our Community & Partnerships Programme, all of which you can read about by following the links below:

Community & Partnerships work relates, of course, to our desire to create a more diverse community at Charterhouse, and to welcome all those who can contribute to and benefit from our educational offer, regardless of background. You can learn more about our Bursaries policy here.

We recently produced a document detailing some of our most recent activity, which you can read here. Unfortunately, the nature of our programme is that such documents are out-of-date as soon as they’re published! For more information, you might also like to visit the School’s news pages with all sorts of stories regarding our Community & Partnerships work. We are also a proud member of Schools Together, and you can see our ever-growing page on their website: Schools Together.

As befits a programme so important to our ethos and communal life, Charterhouse has a dedicated Director: Community & Partnerships, who reports to the Headmaster and works across our School family. 

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