Charitable Fundraising

The Charities Committee is one of Charterhouse’s largest pupil-led societies, raising tens of thousands of pounds for voluntary organisations across the year.

The Committee is chaired by members of the Sixth Form, and the pupils make all decisions about which causes to support.

Highlights of each year’s programme include;

  • Fundraising activities include bake sales, Mufti Days, doughnut sales, football matches, book sales and the Christmas calendars.

  • The annual House Charities Programme, which each House supports a local charity of their choosing.

  • A vast range of individual pupil initiatives, often driven by their own personal interests and connections. Pupils also provide refreshments at School plays and Artifex events, to raise additional funds for charity.

Charities that Charterhouse has recently supported have included; the Meath, Godalming Community Store, The Halow Project, Surrey Mountain Rescue, The Royal British Legion, Education for All in Morocco and The Normandy Trust.