STEM Outreach

Members of the Science Department have been involved with 'Education in the Community' projects for a number of years.

A large part of the work at Charterhouse has been carried out in collaboration with the Institute of Physics in the important area of Physics teacher training. This involves developing and delivering workshops for NQTs and students at local teacher training universities.

Charterhouse believes that this is important national work which has a positive influence on the day-to-day work with pupils at Charterhouse.

'Science for Schools'

Through this new initiative, local primary schools are invited to the Charterhouse Science Laboratories for one afternoon a week over three weeks. During their sessions, the children are shown stimulating demonstrations and, more importantly, get the opportunity to perform hands on investigations into scientific principles.

Sessions include:

  • an introduction to chemical change and making brilliant blue copper sulphate crystals
  • designing a crumple zone for a cart as well as a parachute to protect some particularly fragile hard boiled eggs
  • an investigation of how maggots change their behaviour based on light and dark conditions.

The children are also shown some of the most engaging demonstrations Charterhouse Chemistry department has to offer, including a whoosh bottle, a screaming jelly baby and the combustion of some methane bubbles. Through the sessions we aim to ignite an enthusiasm for science in the visiting pupils as well as introducing them to scientific equipment and investigative skills.

Stimulating Physics Network Day

Charterhouse in collaboration with the Institute of Physics host a full day of Physics workshops and lectures for up to 180 of its members in July. For details of how to register for this free day, please contact the Institute of Physics.

Summer Residential Courses

Charterhouse School Governing Body, the Institute of Physics (IoP) and Surrey University work in partnership to produce two one-week residential course designed to boost Physics and Chemistry subject knowledge. The courses are run in early July at Charterhouse. The School's excellent laboratory facilities are put to good use delivering intensive courses that attract about thirty delegates from different teacher training institutions. A few more experienced teachers also attend.

Experienced teachers, university lecturers and guest presenters deliver talks and supervised lab work covering the basics of Key Stage 3 and 4. The delegates have an opportunity to meet recently qualified teachers during the evening sessions. 

Saturday Knowledge Enhancement Sessions

Non-physics teacher training students and NQTs need extra help to build their confidence before entering the classroom to teach Key Stage 3 and 4 Physics. Free subject booster sessions, held on a number of Saturdays in the Charterhouse labs, aim to help and encourage this process.

Feedback from teachers on the Courses

These Summer Residential Courses have been running for many years with a dedicated team of teachers and technicians. The following feedback encapsulates the many hundreds that have been attained over the years:

Easter Revision Course

A free Easter Revision Course for GCSE pupils is now an annual event. Up to 100 local state school pupils study Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics over a hectic two-day period. This has encouraged a long standing relationship with a number of local state schools.