Environmental Strategy


As a modern and leading independent school, Charterhouse recognises the global imperative to prioritise environmental sustainability in order to preserve the Earth’s natural resources, well-being and beauty, as well as ensure the viability of human activity. As a School with values of kindness, perseverance, open-mindedness, moral courage and responsibility, this issue is an important element of Charterhouse’s future strategy. 

Action Plan

Pupils organised the second Charterhouse Climate Conference from 14-16 June 2021  with a focus on climate solutions. Our eight speakers included the UN Special Scientific Advisor for the Trillion Tree Project, Tom Crowther. We were pleased to welcome 14 schools online which helps raise environmentally nationally and internationally.

Next term, the Sustainability Committee will be seeking the Eco Schools Green Flag Award . They will also be planning the next climate solutions conference which takes place in spring 2022.

We are expanding our energy use monitoring by building. The anomalies identified have led to energy savings. From September, we will share energy usage and waste by boarding house and other individual buildings to enable us to understand opportunities for reduction.

Our new catering contractor, Holroyd Howe was selected as the most environmentally conscious organisation. They will help us focus on kindness to our environment during our School Kindness Week from 27 September.

For greater granularity on the School’s strategy, please see below. Initiatives and activities detailed have been grouped to include the ten areas of the Eco-Schools Green Flag.