Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

The School stands against everything to do with discrimination, exclusion and hatred in whatever form it takes, actively promoting fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance. Charterhouse seeks to be a leading school in this regard, which delights in being diverse, open-minded and with a culture of inclusion.  

We encourage applications from young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and others who would benefit from the transformative impact of full bursaries

Our five core values embody our commitment to the well-being of our School community and, in particular, we seek to promote respect for, safeguard and support people with protected characteristics under the Equality Act (2010).

One of our Year 10 pupils designed this powerful image for a poster competition.

Action Plan

In order to achieve a culture of inclusion in which everyone takes pride in our diversity, we are taking positive action at the micro and macro level by identifying issues and tackling them effectively across all areas of School life.

Many actions have been taken, particularly relating to gender, race, sex and sexuality, as well as inclusion more widely, addressing single protected characteristics, intersectionality and inclusion as a whole.

  • We have launched a 'Say Something' campaign to actively promote sharing concerns and saying when something is not right. 'Say Something' posters around the School, banners around sports facilities and staff lanyards highlight the campaign. Pupils use anonymous reporting service as one way to share concerns, and our Designated Safeguarding Lead is able to coordinate responses to provide advice when appropriate.
  • The 'Say Something' website page gives Charterhouse alumni the opportunity to share any concerns from their time at School. 
  • We held an EDI & Careers panel with three Charterhouse alumni in October 2021 to share experiences and suggest ways to improve inclusion at School, particularly in relation to gender, sexuality, ethnicity and sex. Around 150 pupils and staff attended. We will be running another panel for all teachers this academic year. Read more here.
  • In relation to the focus on issues around sexual violence and harassment which were highlighted by the Everyone’s Invited movement and reported in the UK press (March 2021), we have taken many opportunities to challenge all forms of gender-based and sexual violence and all forms of harassment on the basis of protected characteristics. The Head wrote personally to parents and pupils, taking the opportunity to reiterate that Charterhouse condemns the behaviours and actions which were exposed. Dr Peterken outlined all the resources and support available, including webinars for parents and Reach Out sessions for pupils in all year groups.
  • We are participating in the Bold Voices ambassador programme, involving staff and pupils in shaping our inclusive and safe culture and preparing pupils for future life. We participated in the international 16 days of violence against gender-based violence with a pupil-led poster campaign to educate around consent and a review of language used within School to focus on ensuring an inclusive tone and vocabulary.
  • We have also established various forums where pupils, support and teaching staff can talk and plan actions to further promote respect of all protected characteristics. Forums and Societies include pupil-led Unity, Pride and Feminism Societies. 
  • Since April 2021, staff training has included: the Equality Act 2010 & protected characteristics and how to be an active bystander against discriminatory behaviour; the continuum of behaviour that relates to gender-based violence and how to call in and call out inappropriate behaviour; sexual assault, harassment and abuse; the harassment relating to the Equality Act 2010 and how to prevent and respond; LGBTQ+ awareness training: inclusive and boundaried teaching of relationships and sex education; and essential reading such as Sex Ed: an Inclusive Teenage Guide to Sex and Relationships
  • Our pupil-led Inclusivity Action Committee has created our LGBTQ+, anti-racism, anti-sexism and anti-bullying charters. These are pupil charters endorsed by the School Community, bringing together key messages from discussion groups and surveys.

  • We have implemented a major review of the curriculum and classroom practice, with Heads of Department identifying opportunities for greater diversity. This has included a recommended reading list produced by staff and pupils to reflect the racial diversity of the pupil body.
  • Our PHSE (‘Reach Out’) programme was completely revised for teaching from April 2021. Lessons emphasise a focus on our core values, shared understanding and inclusion. Active promotion of respect for all protected characteristics and for fundamental British values are threaded throughout Reach Out. Throughout spring 2022, all pupils learnt again about avoiding harassment under the Equality Act 2010. During national Diversity Week in June, pupils will hear from their peers and external speakers about discrimination in relation to disability, race, gender, religion and sex and sexuality and the benefits of eliminating them.
  • Start of term messages from senior leaders further emphasised the values of kindness, active engagement to oppose discrimination and highlighted the sources of support in School. Throughout January and February 2022, all year groups heard a powerful address from the Deputy Head (Academic) speaking out against all forms of sexuality-based harassment and abuse. From January 2022, we have added additional year group assemblies in each term, to continue to actively promote respect and celebrate diversity.
  • A full audit of the curriculum undertaken in April 2022 with a focus on LGBTQ+, race and sex to celebrate inclusion and identify further opportunities.

Pupil leadership and pupil voice, as with many areas of School life, has been most dynamic and inspiring.

  • Unity Society (pupil-led), celebrating all nationalities and ethnicities, launched in year-group chapel services with speeches and story sharing by the society founders, emphasising institution responsibility to actively address any discrimination. Unity Society is one of the most popular societies with more than 40 pupils actively involved.
  • Our LGBTQ+ Pride Society has welcomed several guests during 2021-22, including members of SLT and an alumnus, and has enabled us to better enjoy the diversity of our community through leading the celebration of LGBT+ History Month 2022. You can read more here
  • Pupils have launched a Feminism Society in Spring 2022, aimed at advocating for women’s rights on the grounds of equality of all sexes, not just one. They believe feminism should endeavour to therefore assist anyone, regardless of gender, background, sexual orientation, etc. to feel secure, safe and represented as an equal at School.
  • ‘Say Something’ pins are awarded to pupils who actively promote inclusion, including a Year 11 pupil remembering all victims of genocide on Holocaust Memorial Day 2022 and reminding us of our responsibility to actively reject intolerance against those with protected characteristics, and Year 13 Monitors following their anti-bullying Chapel service in anti-bullying week when they highlighted the student created slogan: Here to listen, here to help, stand together, make a difference.
  • The Inclusivity Committee has created anti-racism, anti-sexism and anti-bullying charters, all endorsed by SLT.

  • Pupil monitors have identified policies which will be reviewed by pupils, on an ongoing basis including those relating to religious beliefs, equality of opportunity and anti-bullying.
  • Importantly, pupils are well represented at the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group (see below), which oversees much of the development of the Action Plan.
  • One of the pupil leaders of Unity ran a workshop for Inclusion Leads as part of their training for the Boarding Schools Association Inclusion Lead Certificate.
  • We have introduced tutor group representatives across the School with over 120 pupils involved. Reps bring points from their tutor groups to a termly forum chaired by pupil Heads of School, the Head of Year and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. This enables rapid feedback to pupils on points raised.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group

The inaugural meeting of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group took place on Tuesday 8 December.

The Steering Group brings expertise and experience from Governors, Old Carthusians, pupils and staff to inform the School’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic priorities. OC members join the Group for two terms and pupil members change annually.  

The current focus of the Group is protected characteristics and intersectionality of: ethnicity, gender, sex and sexuality.

You can read more about members of the Steering Group below.

Members of the Steering Group

Protected Characteristics

Charterhouse has policies and procedures in place to support all with protected characteristics – pupils and staff alike – and to ensure equality of opportunity and treatment. These cover each of the following characteristics as identified by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender
  • Marriage and Civil Partnership
  • Pregnancy and Maternity
  • Race
  • Religion or Belief
  • Sex
  • Sexual Orientation

Further information in the area is available from the Equality and Human Rights Commission.