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Charterhouse and Edgeborough Merger

Charterhouse and Edgeborough School are pleased to announce that Edgeborough has joined the Charterhouse family of schools, as the two charities merge to create an exceptional independent, co-educational prep and senior school offer.

Explaining the background to the merger, Mrs Vicky Tuck, Charterhouse Chair of Governors, said:

“Charterhouse and Edgeborough have enjoyed a close relationship for many years, and this merger formalises that position. Together, we know that providing young people with an educational experience that allows them to develop as individuals and as members of a community, ready for the challenges and opportunities that life will present, has never been more important. For parents seeking a joined-up prep and senior school education for their child, we believe our offer will be exceptional; rooted in an academic yet all-round curriculum, with a real breadth of choice and delivered in beautiful, inspiring grounds and facilities.’’

Jeremy McIlroy, Edgeborough Chair of Governors, said:

“Our respective Governing Bodies, together with the Heads and their leadership teams, have been in discussion for over a year and we are unanimous that the merger is in the best interests of both schools.  Building on the excellent all-round education on offer at each school, joining together will further enrich the experience for all pupils.”

Welcoming Edgeborough into the family, Dr Alex Peterken, Head at Charterhouse said:

“Edgeborough is enjoying significant success and momentum, with record pupil numbers and growing interest in admissions.  At the same time, Charterhouse is currently undergoing the most exciting transformation you will find in any independent school in the country, and we are delighted that Edgeborough can be part of that journey. 

"These are two historic schools, linked by a common vision and approach.  By becoming one family, we can provide, for children for whom it is most appropriate, an educational pathway from the age of three to University entry, and one that enables our pupils to thrive in all areas of their development.”

Whilst a steady stream of Edgeborough pupils already move to Charterhouse at thirteen and thrive here, there will be no expectation following the merger that an Edgeborough pupil will join Charterhouse, and those wishing to apply will participate in the usual admissions process, just like any other applicant. Similarly, Charterhouse will continue to recruit pupils from the same wide range of schools as today. Importantly, the merger now offers a way for children leaving another prep school at eleven, but destined for Charterhouse at thirteen, to join the family immediately.

A single Governing Body will have responsibility for both schools, with three current Edgeborough Governors joining that body. Both schools will retain their current identity, name, ethos, values, badge and uniform, as well as their day-to-day operational autonomy and senior leadership teams, and Dr Alex Peterken will have overall executive responsibility for both schools.  

The merger will take effect from the start of the 2021/2022 academic year, and both schools are looking forward to building on their respective success to create the pre-eminent combination of prep and senior schools in the region, and beyond.

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