Our Values

A Charterhouse education should endure long after examination results are published. Through our academic and pastoral programmes we aim to encourage pupils to develop their own unique set of strengths and abilities so that individuals may flourish and become the best possible versions of themselves. At Charterhouse we also recognise that we each have a responsibility to reflect upon everything we have been given and strive to make the most of the opportunities available to us in order to live our motto: ‘Deo Dante Dedi’ – God having given, I gave.


  • Self-awareness to reflect upon all we have been given and make the most of the opportunities available to us.
  • A commitment to the service of others and a readiness to contribute to the common good. Deo Dante Dedi.

Moral Courage

  • Integrity and sound judgement. Learning from our mistakes and seeking to put them right.
  • Considering the impact of our behaviour on the world and others, and doing the right thing even when no one is watching.


  • Self-discipline to work collaboratively, learn independently and overcome obstacles and challenges.
  • Determination to be the change that the world requires.


  • Courageous and open to new opportunities and possibilities.
  • Accepting of different viewpoints and developing a spiritual, moral and cultural awareness.


  • Being gentle on ourselves.
  • Accepting our individual potential. Being considerate of others’ needs and compassionate citizens the world can lean on and learn from. 

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