Learning with purpose.

Our vision at Charterhouse focuses on promoting academic rigour, developing intellectual curiosity and nurturing in children the ability and desire to learn independently.  

The breadth of our curriculum reflects the flexibility that is desirable for our pupils to develop their individual talents, independence, interests, abilities and aptitudes. We are responsive to individual pupils’ learning.

Curriculum Overview

Charterhouse’s curriculum is also about choice for the individual. Of course it is firmly rooted in its hallmark academic rigour, intellectual curiosity and independent learning, though it is the breadth of options available to each pupil at every stage of their education that make it stand out from the rest.

The curriculum has recently seen the introduction of an innovative course in Informatics (Computational Sciences) for all its youngest pupils, and once through their GCSEs pupils can benefit from the dual offer available in the Sixth Form: A Levels with an Extended Project Qualification, plus a wonderful range of academic electives (American Literature, History of Art, ab initio languages, the Ivy House Leadership Award and Business & Entrepreneurship are all on the cards this year) or the breadth of the IB Diploma Programme.

Under School CurriculumSixth Form CurriculumCharterhouse’s pupils are amongst the most future-ready young people in the UK. The School’s FutureU activities are a central element of the Carthusian experience, aimed at ensuring pupils can proactively develop the transferable skills, professional knowledge, experiences and mindset required to thrive throughout their later lives. Read more about our FutureU programme using the link below.

FutureU Programme at CharterhouseThe university destinations of leavers reflect both their abilities and the quality of the education provided at the School: Oxbridge, Ivy League, top Russell Group and Bocconi all feature in abundance this year. 

University Destinations