Learning with purpose.

Learning at Charterhouse is about far more than just facts, figures, essays and exams. Our teaching and learning prepares pupils for exam success, future university study, and their life after education. Excitement, curiosity and passion is nurtured every day, going way beyond formal course syllabuses. We mix academic rigor and excellence with ambition, creativity, critical thinking and fun. This balance enables each child to become the most successful version of themselves.

A Charterhouse education will help unlock your academic potential, intellectual curiosity and help you to think differently.

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculums and learning focus on helping every individual to unlock their personal academic potential, each pupil is viewed and treated as an individual. Everyone's eventual destination will be unique, their education should be too.

Under School CurriculumSixth Form CurriculumCharterhouse’s pupils are amongst the most future-ready young people in the world. The School’s pioneering FutureU curriculum is central to the Charterhouse experience. It ensures that each child develops the transferable skills, knowledge, experiences and mindset required to thrive throughout their later lives. Read more about our FutureU programme using the link below.

FutureU Programme at CharterhouseThe university destinations of leavers reflect both their abilities and the quality of the education provided at the School: Oxbridge, Ivy League, top Russell Group and Bocconi all feature each year. 

University Destinations

You will be taught to think not what to think.