Sixth Form Curriculum

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Charterhouse provides pupils with a choice of two complementary courses of study: the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme or a combination of Pre-U and A Level subjects. Both of these academically rigorous courses prepare pupils effectively for university and enable applicants from Charterhouse to stand out in an increasingly crowded field. Pupils do not sit examinations until the end of the second year of study and this provides valuable additional teaching time. Every opportunity is taken to promote a genuine appreciation of academic disciplines as well as fostering life-long learning.

The virtues of both of these courses and their grading structures have been widely recognised and very much appreciated by admissions tutors at British universities including Cambridge; Oxford; Imperial College, London and other prestigious universities in the Russell Group. In addition, the IB Diploma Programme benefits from significant widespread international recognition.

In addition to the courses mentioned above, all Specialist pupils complete a Research Essay or the IB Diploma Programme’s Extended Essay as well as a course in Creativity, Action and Service.

The Research Essay / The Extended Essay

This 4,000 word essay is an important part of Charterhouse’s academic curriculum beyond the confines of subject syllabuses. During the second term of their first year as Specialists, pupils are required to choose a topic area and with the support of a supervisor, they then research and plan carefully before writing the essay during the summer holiday.

The Academic Review showcases a selection of this work.

Creativity, Action and Service

Education does not only take place within the classroom, but beyond it as well. Co-curricular activities provide all pupils with many opportunities for personal development through learning from experience: this experience comes from pupils’ active participation in activities beyond those of their chosen academic subjects. The CAS programme aims to ensure that all Specialists take advantage of the wide range of opportunities available to initiate, plan, engage and reflect upon their experiences.

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