Under School Curriculum

Find your passions and walk your unique path.

Flexibility and choice sit at the heart of each pupil’s first year at Charterhouse. Everyone has the opportunity to play to their strengths and interests, as well as discover new passions. Learning should be exciting and fun. Building a fundamental joy of academic learning provides the foundation both for exam success and future fulfilment in life.

Under School Curriculum Brochure 

Every pupil joining the School aged 13 has the chance to try everything. Everyone will explore the joy of academic learning throughout their three years of study.

Sam Cooke, Assistant Head, Under School

GCSEs Year 10 & Year 11

Flexibility, choice and a focus on encouraging the strengths of each individual child, continues into our GCSE programme. Each pupils has the option to study either 9 or 10 GCSEs and will make a number of subject choices at Easter in Year 9. 

(I)GCSE Subject Options 2024-26 (For Current Fourths)(I)GCSE SUBJECT OPTIONS 2023-25 
(I)GCSE SUBJECT options 2022-2024