The Biology Department at Charterhouse seeks to inspire and support pupils in all aspects of this diverse subject, whether for its relevance to every day life, for pure scientific curiosity or for the pursuit of careers such as medicine or research.

Charterhouse has a strong tradition for Biology. Our brand new teaching laboratories are adorned with historic specimens, such as a duck billed platypus, a narwhale tusk and a mammoth’s tooth. The labs are equipped with the most modern microscopes and electrophoresis equipment, and they are supported with a team of three expert technicians. Our philosophy is to deliver a curriculum that is enriched with the many aspects of the subject that are relevant to life and to society. Teaching is delivered through a rigorously scientific and practical approach that seeks to inspire young biologists.

All pupils study Biology to IGCSE and Biology is a very popular choice for Specialists, being studied by a quarter to one third of all sixth form pupils.  Many go on to study Biology at internationally renowned courses in the UK or abroad or related courses such as Medicine or Biomedical Sciences. We have a Medics Society, Perception Society (neuroscience and psychology), Polunin (university Biology thinking) and a Dissection Society, all of which are very popular with pupils.

For full details of the curriculum, please use the link below.