Business & Entrepreneurship

Our departmental vision is to support future business leaders, equipping every pupil with the tools necessary to thrive in established businesses and startups. As a department, we are passionate about businesses; how they work, why they fail, and how they change the world we live in. 

The study of business is hard, but incredibly rewarding. We enjoy looking under the hood of businesses and industries, understanding the people behind business success, acknowledging the context necessary for business growth. We spend time applying a range of management theories to different business types across the world. We are never too far away from the Financial Times or The Economist, ensuring that we all have a foundational understanding of business today, and what business might look like when pupils start their first job. 

We are excited about the role business can play in our fight against climate change, and our pursuit of a socially responsible and inclusive business environment. Corporations have it within their grasp to achieve both profit and positive social and environmental outcomes. As a department, we promote those businesses that want to do more than simply make money.

As a department, we think deeply about the importance of entrepreneurial thinking for pupils, teachers and businesses. Pupils of business at Charterhouse will leave with an entrepreneurial mindset, ready to challenge existing structures and industries, willing to ask ‘why?’, when something doesn’t make sense, and benefiting from an entrepreneurial approach to managing their time and careers. 

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