Computer Science & Informatics

All Year 9 pupils will explore the world of computing and coding, ensuring they have a good understanding of the systems underpinning the digital age. Pupils will be encouraged to think logically to solve problems as well as develop hands on experience in electronics and robotics.

In Year 10 and Year 11, pupils taking the IGCSE in Computer Science will apply their understanding to develop computer-based solutions to problems using algorithms. Pupils will be taught to code using Python, a popular high-level programming language, but the fundamental techniques will provide pupils the skillset to learn other languages. The skills learnt can also be used in other areas of study and in everyday life. Learners will develop a range of technical skills, as well as being able to effectively test and evaluate computing solutions. This course will help learners appreciate current and emerging computing technologies, the benefits of their use and recognise the ethical issues and potential risks when using computers. The course is assessed by two examinations that are marked externally; there is no coursework.

For full details of the curriculum, please use the link below.