Economics is a popular and topical subject at Charterhouse. As the Government grapples with the perceived issues of excessive Government spending, Economics particularly appeals and offers insight to pupils who have an interest in current affairs, politics and modern history. 

Economics also attracts those pupils who enjoy the study of issues and debates using traditional rigorous analysis and we look at the important aspects of mathematical models and techniques, whilst also undertaking research into the predictable, often irrational, behaviour of consumers and businesses and analyse how markets work. We also address the theory and rationale for government intervention.

Many pupils go on to study the subject at university. Our facilities are equipped with ICT and AV resources and the Library has a comprehensive range of relevant books, journals and newspapers, which pupils are expected to read regularly.

For full details of the curriculum, please use the link below.


Beyond the Classroom

The Economics Department recognises that a subject which concerns current affairs needs to embrace the world beyond the limits of the School boundaries.

We do this through inviting outside speakers to the School and taking trips to the city of London and overseas and recent speakers include:

  • Crispin Wright, Chair of the Takeover Panel
  • Richard Murley, Vice Chair of Rothschilds
  • Andrew Hill, Business correspondent of the Financial Times
  • Baroness Parminter, trustee of the IPPR think tank and Patron of the Meath Epilepsy Trust
  • Sir Donald Cruickshank, former Chair of the International ( London) Stock Exchange
  • Dr Jo Nellis, Professor of Global Economy Cranfield School of Management
  • Neil Sherlock, Head of Reputational Strategy PWC
  • Mr Martin Jacques, author of ‘When China rules the world’ and Visiting Fellow of LSE