Geography – the study of the Earth’s surface features and related human activity – has a vital place in the twenty-first century curriculum. The subject helps us to understand our own place on a complex planet, and confidently to face issues such as climate change, geopolitical tensions, water, energy and food security, and poverty and inequality. 

Department Overview

The Geography Department provides pupils with the opportunity to develop skills in the subject, in a dynamic environment, with the very best IT facilities in a supportive atmosphere.

Geography offers profound insights into the way human and physical processes interact. Human beings are placing ever greater demands on the Earth and its systems: are we approaching some crisis point? What causes desertification, droughts, floods and hurricanes? Are they purely natural phenomena, or are they exacerbated by human activity? Geography gives us the language and techniques to approach these questions with confidence. 

Geography shows how human lives are shaped by local circumstances: not only the physical features of the place, but also the social, economic and political characteristics and relationships. Geography explores how each place exists in a regional, national, international and global context. 

This is a practical subject, teaching transferable skills including cooperation, graphicacy, numeracy and functional ICT. Geography pupils learn about map use (including GIS), data processing, problem solving and evaluative analysis. They find out how to work alone and in teams. They work directly in the real world, and gain a proper awareness of social and environmental responsibility.

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Department Staff

Fundamental to the teaching success of the Department are our Geography teachers.

Mr Peter Price MA, CGeog - Head of Department

A Chartered Geographer, Mr Price was awarded the designation by the Royal Geographical Society in 2010. He examines for CIE Pre-U and IBDP and previously for Edexcel International GCSE. An Oxford Geography graduate, Mr Price has extensive teaching experience and worked for seven years as a Chartered Surveyor before qualifying as a teacher. He was previously Head of Department at Bradfield College and also taught at Repton School. Mr Price has a strong interest in all aspects of Geography, particularly in contemporary global and local issues and is an advocate of the educational benefits of fieldwork, both locally and overseas. Mr Price also coaches football.

Miss Annabel Hawkins, BA

Following a degree in Geography from the University of Birmingham, Miss Hawkins worked for two years as a marketing strategist in the City. She qualified as a teacher from University College Dublin and taught at Wesley College in the city. Since returning to the UK, she has taught at Ardingly College for eight years and has extensive IB and A-Level experience. Whilst keenly interested in all aspects of Geography, her real focus and love is Development Geography. Miss Hawkins has previously worked as a Housemistress and Head of Middle School, she has run several expeditions to The Gambia and ski race trips. Miss Hawkins joined Charterhouse in 2015 as Assistant Head (Pastoral).

Mrs Cathrina Hogg, BSc, MSc, PGCE 

Mrs Hogg joined Charterhouse in 2019 from Godalming College where she taught Geography for the previous nine years. Prior to this Mrs Hogg was Head of Department at Eastbourne College and taught Geography and Sport at Uppingham and Glenalmond. She was educated at Charterhouse and read Geography at Keble College, Oxford where she gained a Lacrosse Blue.  Mrs Hogg enjoys being in the garden, following sport and has catered for the Friars cricket team for the past 25 years.

Miss Alexandra Strutt, BSc, MSc, PGCE 

Miss Strutt joined Charterhouse in 2019 from Bristol Grammar School where she taught for the previous three years. She was educated at Sevenoaks School, before studying a BSc in Geography at the University of Bristol, and is currently studying for a MSc in Learning and Teaching at Christ Church, Oxford. Miss Strutt is a keen sportswoman, playing Netball and Hockey at a competitive level and enjoys exploring mountains. 

Mr Simon Woolley, MA

Mr Woolley taught at Winchester College for 23 years prior to joining Charterhouse in 2016. He received an MA in Geography from Oxford University, and his interests include natural history, photography, astronomy and cycling. 

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