Modern Languages

The Modern Languages Department aims to enable pupils to use foreign languages effectively for communication. At present we offer French, German and Spanish and there is also the opportunity for Sixth Form pupils to learn Mandarin and Italian within the IB Diploma Programme.

We provide a disciplined approach to language learning which enables pupils beyond the demands of exam board requirements. By developing strong grammatical competence and increasing pupils’ confidence in verbal interaction, we hope to enhance their ability to communicate in different situations.

The department aims to stimulate independent learning and intellectual curiosity and encourages all pupils to embrace the study of languages with an enthusiastic and willing approach.  

Beyond the Classroom

Our vibrant way of teaching modern languages includes outside lectures, visits to see films, plays, exhibitions, as well as trips abroad and arranged exchanges. There are language societies run by Sixth Form pupils, who organise activities and events throughout the year. The department prides itself on having of a team of dedicated and passionate teachers with a wide variety of skills and interests who work tirelessly to provide our pupils with the necessary tools to become linguistically competent. Teaching is supported with highly qualified language assistants who help pupils develop a strong oral confidence when communicating in the target language. 

For full details of the curriculum, please use the link below.