Theology, Philosophy & Ethics

The Charterhouse Theology, Philosophy and Ethics Department empowers pupils to engage with the world around them in a reflective, analytical manner.

Today, the study of Theology, Philosophy and Ethics is not a luxury but a necessity. We live in a world in which the very nature of truth is constantly challenged, religion still takes centre stage in world events, ethical debate is at the heart of news headlines and people are trying hard to find meaning in our interconnected, increasingly automated world. This department offers pupils the opportunity to explore answers to the biggest questions of our time.

Theology, Philosophy and Ethics stands alone as a discipline which requires pupils to become experts in literature, language, art, archaeology, science, politics, business, film and psychology. It pervades every aspect of our lives, whether religious or otherwise – to study it, is to study the world

In Theology, Philosophy and Ethics, we nurture skills in critical thinking, research, interpretation, presentation and communication. Our classes are fun, dynamic and full of lively discussion where the ability to articulate a convincing argument respectfully and with good reasoning is valued above all things. People who study the subject to the highest levels go on to careers in medicine, journalism, publishing, law, policymaking, business, advertising and international development, among many other careers.

In our courses from the Fourths to IGCSE and then to A-Level Philosophy, we consider everything from the ethical impact of AI and automation, euthanasia, and the idea of a Just War right through to Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Sartre and Camus. There is exceptional breadth matched by scholarly depth.      

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