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Outstanding boarding for boys and girls aged 13 to 18

The curriculum follows the normal path to (I)GCSEs in Year 11 and Cambridge Pre-U or IB Diploma Programme in the Sixth Form, but every effort is made to teach according to pupils' abilities, and to stretch the ablest well beyond the demands of the syllabus.

The Deputy Head (Academic) oversees all academic matters and reports directly to the Headmaster. Teaching is organised in academic departments, the heads of which report to the Deputy Head (Academic). Brooke Hall (the teachers’ common room) has over 100 members:

Brooke Hall Academic Staff | PDF

Pupils' academic progress is closely monitored. In the traditional ceremony of Calling Over, the form master presents his class to the Master of the Under School, who praises those who have shown good effort, and encourages the less hard-working to greater endeavour. Specialists are also awarded regular grades for attainment and effort, which are scrutinised by the Master of the Specialists. Parents receive detailed reports at the end of each term (Quarter), and have a formal opportunity to meet their son's or daughter's teachers every year to discuss progress. The Higher Education and Careers Department provides guidance and training throughout the process of selecting and applying to university.

To learn more about the academic disciplines at Charterhouse please view the videos below:

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