Academic Overview

Our vision at Charterhouse focuses on promoting academic rigour, developing intellectual curiosity and nurturing in children the ability and desire to learn independently.

We foster the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for our pupils to succeed in a complex, fast-changing, multi-cultural society. Engaging learning and inspirational teaching are at the heart of what we do; we aim to develop in our pupils a breadth of academic interests and pursuits, to foster in them a rich interior life through their learning, and to instil in them high expectations and an appetite for challenge, self-reflection and improvement.

The breadth of our curriculum reflects the flexibility that is desirable for our pupils to develop their individual talents, independence, interests, abilities and aptitudes.

We are responsive to individual pupils’ learning and pastoral needs and we promote a widely-understood culture of our philosophy of learning: a strong belief in self-directed learning and pupil leadership with a close eye on the wider values that we hold dear at Charterhouse: responsibility, kindness, perseverance, open-mindedness and moral courage.

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Latest Academic News

Wellness Habits

On the eve of Charterhouse Mental Health week, Jeremy and Josh (Year 13) stepped into the spotlight in Chapel, delivering a compelling sermon on the theme of wellbeing.

Concours de Débat

Two pairs of Year 13 pupils took part in an inter-school French debating competition, demonstrating impressive ideas and adeptly countering the opposition's arguments.

Junior Debaters Excel

Through to the regional finals, Miette, Isabel and Kinan are competing in this year's ESU Churchill Public Speaking Competition. 

Artful Insights: Martin Klosterfelde's Visit

Current parent Martin Klosterfelde, a renowned art dealer from Hamburg, visited the school to share insights on German modern artists, as well as to provide valuable knowledge on how the art market operates and the evolving value of artwork in the 21st century.

Winchester Science Symposium

Four of our gifted and talented Year 12 scientists were chosen as a delegation to attend Winchester College’s inaugural Science Symposium. 

Green Politics

As part of a series of Politics Lectures, pupils welcomed Christina Coleman to speak on the subject of Green Politics. 

Atomic Insight

Fresh off the virtual press, Aaron (Year 12) delves into the intricate science behind everyone's favourite frozen delight, ice cream, in the latest article featured in our pupil-led scientific magazine Atomic.

Science Week

Last week, as part of our commitment to fostering scientific curiosity and education, School was abuzz with exciting activities during Charterhouse Science Week.

Learning Through History

The History department aim to inspire an interest in, and love of, the past, so that pupils will continue to read and enjoy history throughout their adult lives. Sixth Form pupils recently enjoyed a Tudor History conference in London. 

Exploring German at St Paul's

Unlocking their academic potential, A Level German pupils appreciated the exam skills focus and undergraduate German taster session at a recent Sixth Form Study Day in London.