Academic Overview

Our vision at Charterhouse focuses on promoting academic rigour, developing intellectual curiosity and nurturing in children the ability and desire to learn independently.

We foster the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for our pupils to succeed in a complex, fast-changing, multi-cultural society. Engaging learning and inspirational teaching are at the heart of what we do; we aim to develop in our pupils a breadth of academic interests and pursuits, to foster in them a rich interior life through their learning, and to instil in them high expectations and an appetite for challenge, self-reflection and improvement.

The breadth of our curriculum reflects the flexibility that is desirable for our pupils to develop their individual talents, independence, interests, abilities and aptitudes.

We are responsive to individual pupils’ learning and pastoral needs and we promote a widely-understood culture of our philosophy of learning: a strong belief in self-directed learning and pupil leadership with a close eye on the wider values that we hold dear at Charterhouse: responsibility, kindness, perseverance, open-mindedness and moral courage.

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Latest Academic News

TDI Challenge Win

A pupil invention has earned its second award in as many months. Bill (Year 12) secured second place in the Technology, Design, and Innovation (TDI) Challenge.

Best Ever IB Diploma Results

Pupils are celebrating the School’s best ever IB Diploma results – testament both to their hard work and to the expert support and guidance of their teachers. 

Pupils Embrace Future Career Skills

Year 12 pupils spent two days focussing on FutureU activities including a 'mock assessment day' designed to simulate the graduate recruitment processes. 

Skills Builder Day

Year 10 pupils spent the day participating in a series of interactive workshops on teamwork, communication and problem-solving.

The Art of Chemistry

Guided by A-Level chemists, pupils discovered the art of fragrance blending and created their unique scent masterpieces.

Peer Mentorship

Biology peer mentors supported Broadwater School pupils on a recent visit to the Biology department to learn about enzymes.  

Ukraine: The Price of Freedom

Two Ukraine-related cultural events are taking place during Artifex on Thursday 20 June. 

Handy Takes First Place at HackABLE

Bill (Year 12) won first place out of more than 300 teams with his project 'Handy', a real-time sign language translation device.

The Glitch

Oscar (Year 10) was a winner in 'The Glitch', a Young Writers competition for pupils aged 11 to 18.

Atomic: The Voice of Science

The Atomic team is selling hard copy magazines containing all this year's articles to raise money in support of academic charity SATRO.