PSHE education at Charterhouse is an important aspect of our academic and pastoral system.  Through a carefully-structured curriculum of relevant topics, every pupil is encouraged to develop an awareness of their role in society, now and in the future. 

These topics reflect the ethos of Charterhouse and our school values and are further underpinned by our pillars of PSHE: “Being respectful; Knowing the Law and remaining Judgement free”. Teaching takes into account the age, ability, readiness, faith and cultural backgrounds of all pupils to ensure that all can fully access PSHE education provision.

Curriculum Pathway

PSHE is arranged in a ‘spiral’ curriculum where topics are re-visited as pupils develop a mature understanding of complex issues during their journey through the School.

Pupils have dedicated PSHE lessons each week which take place on Wednesday mornings. However, PSHE is a cross-curricular subject and students also study key elements of PSHE in other subjects, for example Theology, Philosophy and Ethics (TPE), Biology and Computing. Students also benefit from learning about PSHE in weekly assemblies, through extra-curricular activities and through talks from visiting experts.

Pillars of PSHE

PSHE at Charterhouse is broadly separated into 3 key areas – Health; Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Living in the wider world. The pupils in the Under School are taught in three 8 week rotations in each aspect by a specialist teacher. In the Sixth Form years the focus on UCAS applications and preparations for life after Charterhouse takes a more central role. While the rotation element of the core course continues with specialist teachers, external speakers are often used to allow mature exploration of RSE topics that will allow students to embark on university life and future careers with confidence.

Language Framework

Further Information

Should parents wish to see more detail of the curriculum materials, please contact the Head of PSHE.

Dr Emily J Fisher
Head of PSHE & RSE