Charterhouse is able to offer a limited number of bursaries each year for pupils entering either Year 9 or Year 12, with preference given to those who gain a Scholarship or an Award (not including Exhibitions), who would benefit from a boarding education, but whose parents are unable to afford the fees.

All bursaries are means-tested and are subject to funds being available. The award is reviewed annually for changes in parents’ financial circumstances and may be adjusted as a result. Awards may cover up to 100% of the school fee. Eligibility for financial assistance is based on both parents’ income and assets using a standard formula widely used within the independent sector, and may include a home visit by Bursary Administration Ltd (BAL), the School’s agent.

Charterhouse offers two Year 9 Entrance Bursaries annually. These bursaries are awarded through academic competition when the children are in Year 6. Selection is based on the results of the ISEB Common Pre-test and the Interview and Activity Afternoons. School reports and testimonials are also considered.

Parents must indicate that they require a bursary at the time of registration and they will be invited to complete a Bursary Application Form. Any award will be confirmed at the same time that an offer of a place at the School is made.

Enquiries should be addressed to the Director of Admissions: +44 (0)1483 291501 or admissions@charterhouse.org.uk.  

Late Applications

Occasionally late places come available after the registration deadlines have passed. Please email our admissions team if you wish to make an enquiry.