Scholarship awards recognise and reward pupils who demonstrate excellence and outstanding potential in their chosen field. Scholarships are offered at 13+ and 16+ entry.

Charterhouse has a long tradition of scholarship dating all the way back to the School’s founding in 1611. The School’s first Boarding House was founded in 1614 and named Gownboys, deriving its name from the School’s original scholars, who wore academic gowns to distinguish themselves from other pupils.

Over the course of four centuries, the School's scholarship programme has flourished. Today, our School scholars continue to make significant contributions to the vibrant school community. Scholarships retain their immense worth, not only in enriching School life but also in showcasing an individual's talents when applying for universities or stepping into the professional world.

Applying for a Scholarship

Charterhouse offers a range of scholarship awards to pupils joining the School across Academic study, Music, Sport, Art, Dance and Drama. These awards are earned through open competition and are based on merit. They can be supported by bursaries, where there is a need.

After completing the registration for your child, we will provide scholarship application forms ahead of the assessment dates mentioned below.

13+ Scholarship Assessments (Year 9)

  • Sport: October of Year 8
  • Music, Dance, Drama, Art & Design and Design Engineering: February – March of Year 8
  • Academic: April of Year 8

13+ Scholarships

16+ Scholarship Assessments (Sixth Form)

  • Academic: No application is necessary. Candidates who are successful in the entrance assessments will be invited to apply.
  • Music, Drama, Art & Design and Sport: November of Year 11

16+ Scholarships