Clubs & Societies


Charterhouse boasts an extraordinary array of clubs and societies for pupils to be involved in. Our programme is called Floreat, translated as ‘may it flourish’ and is taken from the Charterhouse school song Carmen Carthusianum. The variety of challenging activities provided is an essential part of the School’s all-encompassing educational philosophy, with activities ranging from Baking to Filmmaking, Scottish Dancing to Aeronautics, with many mainstream and more quirky options in between.

The Four Pillars of Floreat

These are about making (textiles, designing robots, podcasting, film-making, creative writing, architecture), as well as any form of artistic or musical expression. The emphasis is on learning by doing. Right-brain activity.

These are about looking at the world in a different way: critical thinking skills and developing scholarly thought (philosophy discussion group, debating society, law society, astronomy).

These are about strategy and inter-personal skills, having fun, and learning to collaborate. Games encourage pupils to take risks, nurture innovative thinking, provide opportunities for competition and increase wellbeing.

These are about life skills, wellbeing, spirituality and social justice.

Pupils are encouraged (especially in the Sixth Form) to take an active role in initiating and running societies, developing their own interests and taking the responsibility of leading activities with younger year groups as well as with their peers. All pupils in the Under School (Years 9-11) will take part in at least one regular co-curricular cultural activity here; many choose to do far more. In the Sixth Form the options are broader and pupils are given considerable autonomy to create new groups of their own.


Architecture Society
Art History
Backstage Crew
Charterhouse Content Collective
Choral Society
Concert Band
Creative Writing
DJ'ing Club
En Plein Air: outdoor art
Engineering Society
Costume Curtain Call
Film Production Society
Fired Imagination
Junior Chapel Choir
Music Production
Painting for Fun 
Pop Choir
Rock School
Senior Drama Club
Threaded Vision
The Greyfriar (student newspaper) 
The Groundlings Theatre Group**
Competitive Robotics Club 

*Sixth Form only
** Under School only

Geography Group
Aeronautics Group
Biology Documentary Society 
Churchill Public Speaking Group
Debating (Junior)
Debating (Senior)
Dissection Society 
Economics Society 
Artifex Enterprises Group
French Culture Society
French Debating Club (Year 10)
French Debating Club*
History Society 
Business and Finance Group
Mathematics Society 
Medical Society*
Philosophy Reading Group*
Philosophy Society
Politics Society 
Book Club
Sanskrit Society
Trevor Roper Society*
UK Linguistics Olympiad 
Pop Science

Charterhouse Quiz Team 
Chess Club
Competitive Programming Society
Dungeons and Dragons 
Scottish Dancing Society*

Amnesty International Society
Charity Action Team 
Christian Union
Feminist Society
Foreign Cinema Society
Model United Nations
Nutrition Society
No Bake Baking
Pride Society
Ukraine Society
African-Caribbean Society
Self-improvement Club
Women in STEM