Service and Volunteering

There are many opportunities for pupils to involve themselves in volunteering and service activities within the School and the local community, as well as further afield.

Service leadership is an integral part of co-curricular life at Charterhouse and encourages our pupils to make a positive impact on the world around them, preparing them for life beyond School.

Within the School there are opportunities across all year groups, many through our numerous pupil action committees and year group forums which play an important role in enabling pupils to contribute
to the School’s day-to-day running and future development.

Beyond School, pupils have the opportunity for service with our partners: for example, tutoring in
primary schools, visiting the elderly, environmental work or volunteering in local charities. Social action and fundraising are popular too, with pupils selecting charities to support each year and leading a wide range of activities and campaigns to promote causes  about which they are passionate. Specialist (Sixth Form) House Monitors work closely with the Heads of Houses to create a safe and happy environment,
organise activities and support pupils. Beyond Houses, School Monitors are an important link between staff and pupils and meet regularly with senior staff.