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Glass Restoration


The Charterhouse stained glass windows that graced the original school Chapel (now the Old Music School) have languished in storage for many years, surviving two fires and several moves. They have now been rescued from the basement and are being cleaned and restored by a local cooperative group of stained glass artists, led by Rachel Mulligan. We hope that much of the repaired glass can be re-used in the new building work at Charterhouse; fragments that are beyond repair are being re-purposed into unique stained glass artworks that can be sold to fund the restoration work. Discover our journey at the Facebook page below. 

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We are pleased to confirm the following items are on sale to raise funds for our Glass Restoration work. To find out more about any of the items and their history, or to reserve any items please contact the Foundation Office on email via Rachel Mulligan and her team can also advise about prices and availability for installing larger pieces into windows, porches and doors in your home and the School can put you in touch with their team.

Man holding chains 36cm £1500
Queen of Sheba and Solomon 36cm £1500
Roundel Angel face 24cm £800
Blue curtain circle £99, fits in 4 inch box
Blue heart £99, fits in 4 inch box
Colourful Circle £99, fits in 4 inch box
Embedded triangle £99, fits in 4 inch box
Fire heart £99, fits in 4 inch box
Flower in flower £99, fits in 4 inch box
Intricate ochre circle £99, fits in 4 inch box
Red arrow circle £99, fits in 4 inch box
Red heart £99, fits in 4 inch box
Red Swirl £99, fits in 4 inch box
Sand circle £99, fits in 4 inch box
Vibrant red heart £99, fits in 4 inch box
Wand in circle £99, fits in 4 inch box
Guard with 1 sphere, 21cm by 8 inches £800
Guard with 2 spears, 21cm by 8 inches, £800
Shepherd in blue socks 46cm by 18 inches, £1900
Bread and wine 46cm by 18 inches, £1950
Arch 6.7 (w) x 14.9cm (l) Arch window, branches etc. £200
Diamond 10.5cm (w) 'Club' motif and golden flourish £99
Framed Roundel 18.4cm (d) Floral arrangement - flower and leaves £350
Framed Roundel 18.4cm (d) Flower, leaves, and crennelations £350
Heart 8.7 (w) x 9cm (l) [O]RBIS £99
Heart 8.7 (w) x 9cm (l) Framed volute £99
Roundel 9cm (d) Vegetal and geometric £99
Roundel 24cm (d) Angel £800