Old Carthusian Club

Dating back to 1874, the OC Club is a volunteer-led alumni body, which helps to enable Old Carthusians to remain in touch with one another through a range of professional, social and sporting clubs and societies.

The Club supports a tremendous network of peer-to-peer activity amongst our OCs and we want every OC's connection between the School and your fellow alumni to be a life-long one. We very much hope that you will find both social pleasure and professional benefit from maintaining your link throughout your life.

Following the completion of their time at Charterhouse all young OCs become a member of the OC Club (following the payment of their subscription).

A full list of clubs and societies currently on offer is available below. If you would like to become a member of any of our clubs, please visit Charterhouse Connect. Charterhouse Connect also gives you the ability to search for fellow OCs and reconnect, and keeps you updated on all the latest events and news from the clubs and the School.