1611 Society

1611 Society, named after the year the School was founded, celebrates the continuing generosity of our community.

Members of the society support Charterhouse’s pupils in so many ways, by providing the School with a regular and flexible stream of gift income which enables us to plan for the future and benefit generations of Carthusians to come.

There are three levels of membership: Member, Headmaster’s Circle and Founder’s Circle. To donate to the society, we invite you to become a regular donor and make a gift  through the course of the year. This can be done monthly or annually. Regular donations provide critical and continuous support for the School, year on year, whilst also allowing you to plan your giving.

Founder's Circle: £10,611 annually (£884.25 monthly)

Headmaster's Circle: £1,611 annually (£134.25 monthly)

Member: £161.10 annually (£13.42 monthly)

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