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The House is the centre of every Carthusian’s life, and the Houses offer a strong sense of identity and community. House spirit is encouraged by competitions in a wide variety of activities, from art to waterpolo, and House colours can be won for cultural as well as sporting achievement.


The Housemasters and Housemistresses and their families live in the Houses, and are supported by the Assistant Housemaster/Housemistress, the Matron (also residential) and a team of Tutors. Each Tutor has a small number of pupils with whom he or she meets at least once a week to provide the help and encouragement that enables every pupil to make the most of life at the School.

There is also a structure of care amongst the pupils in each House. The Housemaster / Housemistress appoints a Head of House and House Monitors to help care for pupils in the House. And during their first few weeks in the House, each new pupil is allocated to an older pupil whose responsibility it is to make sure they settle in, find their way around and learn quickly how the School and House works.


It is fair to say that every Carthusian feels that their House is the best!

For our Year 9 joiners, we hold a number of House Selection Days during their Year 7 and Year 8, and families will meet two or three Housemasters / Housemistresses; after which they will be asked to state their order of preference. We endeavour to offer families their choice of House, but we are not always in a position to do this if demand for a particular House is high. Sibling and family connections are, of course, given priority and we aim to ensure that we have a balance of talent across the Houses for each year group. In the event that we are unable to offer a child a place in their chosen Houses, we will invite the family to come back to Charterhouse to visit more Houses. 

For Sixth Form entry, we allocate the Houses taking into consideration any family connections and preferences, where possible.

Please note that we aim to confirm House places to boarders in the first instance, to ensure an even split of day pupils across the Houses.

Opening of two new-build Houses in 2021

When Year 9 girls are welcomed to the School in 2021, we will be opening two brand new Boarding Houses, situated between Daviesites and the Ben Travers Theatre. We are keen that there are boys and girls living on both sides of the School, and that future investment in boarding facilities benefits both the boys and the girls. Therefore, one of the new Houses will be for boys and the other for girls.

  • One House will become the fourth of the girls’ Houses, to be called Northbrook
  • The other will be the new home of Saunderites, which will relocate over the summer of 2021. Suzanne Allen, the current Housemaster will remain at the helm and will lead the move across with the boys
  • Sutton will move into the old Saunderites building in the centre of the School, with Chetwynd expanding to fill the whole of the Chetwynd Hall building

Further information on all the latest boarding updates can be viewed here, including a 'fly through' video of the new-build Houses.

Boys' Houses

Girls' Houses