The House is the centre of every Carthusian’s life, and the twelve Houses offer a strong sense of identity. House spirit is encouraged by competitions in a wide variety of activities, from art to water-polo, and House colours can be won for cultural as well as sporting achievement.

Carthusians are divided amongst the twelve boarding Houses. The original three – Saunderites, Verites and Gownboys, known as the Block Houses, together with one other, Girdlestoneites – are grouped at the centre of the School and are collectively known as the ‘Old’ Houses. Seven Houses – Lockites, Weekites, Hodgsonites, Daviesites, Bodeites, Pageites and Robinites – were re-sited in the 1970s and are called the ‘New’ Houses.  In addition to the eleven Houses for 13-18 year old pupils, there is a sixth form House, Fletcherites, that opened in 2010.

The Housemasters and their families live in the Houses, and are supported by the Assistant Housemaster, the Matron (also residential) and a team of Tutors. Each Tutor has a small number of pupils with whom he or she meets at least once a week to provide the help and encouragement that enables every pupil to make the most of life at the School.

Housemasters share responsibility for discipline with the Deputy Headmaster (Pastoral) and, ultimately, the Headmaster. Clear policies are published on all disciplinary matters, and are enforced firmly but fairly.

The School encourages self-discipline and a sense of responsibility, and aims to create an environment which is co-operative rather than adversarial. In addition to the Housemaster, Tutor and Matron, Carthusians are free to approach the Chaplains, School Doctor, School Counsellors or any member of Brooke Hall for advice and reassurance.

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