Founded by Monsieur Buisson in 1874 and refounded by Mr J E Bode in 1881 (who remained Housemaster until 1908), Bodeites was one of the last Houses to remain in private ownership, and was bought by the Governing Body in 1921.  The original House was situated furthest from the main School. The architect is unknown but thought to have been French.  The House was described as "perched perilously on the edge of Charterhouse Hill in such a way that half the house commanded a splendid view from the other side and permanent sun in summer on a balcony, reserved for members of ‘Authority’ only."

The current building, opened by the Queen in 1975, was designed by the son of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, architect of the Memorial Chapel. The accommodation allows nearly every boy to have his own study-bedroom throughout his time at Charterhouse. The Central Dining Rooms, Queen's Sports Centre, golf course and playing fields are within easy reach.

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